Hello, I have been looking for this ingame for several months. I even made an erroneous purchase in the Ragol Memory exchange for CARD, thinking it was closest in game camo to the old TALIS. & while i was never helped with that issue, i understand the mistake that was made.

While there are quite a few interesting looking Talis weapons in the game, I do have fond memories of PSO ep1&2 with the original "TALIS" which has been named "Talis Legacy" on the PSO2 JP client. http://srpgp.supersanctuary.net/cirnopedia-test/weapon_12.php#talis_legacy

I appreciate some of the balance changes that open PSO2 for a new audience, that has not yet had the chance to experience the series themselves. they make a lot of sense & were implemented rather well.

Still, there are some things perhaps the devs will consider updating before NGS.

The current Weapon Transmutation system, is not very appealing as it is, due to price & lack of flexibility if these were changed to "Transmute Weapon into a Camo" instead, i think they would find much more appeal. (since it is currently a 1 time camo, that cannot be taken on-&-off like a regular camo. yet costs ~20 $USD$)

I would use SG for Talis Legacy, but just giving an idea to make SEGA & co more money.

These are a few other suggestions that not only I thought up, but friends and guildmates who've been playing PSO2.

I won't try to list all 20 here, but most are Quality-of-Life or modernizing PSO to further compete in the MMO or online party based game space.

  • Less GUILD/TEAM/ALLIANCE penalty system. as a guild leader in pso2, i find its very anti-casual gamer to have a system which penalizes the entire guild for players being inactive. I very much understand & grasp the concept of this, as it is not the only game which has done it. but letting you know, you are NOT CATERING TO CASUAL AUDIENCE with game mechanics like this in place.

if you are dead set on alienating those type of players from joining the game, & keeping PSO to be considered as a "hardcore" game, as it was on JP but not so much the western release. well, then perhaps are stretching the TARGET AUDIENCE demographic thin.

Since allowing Steam players the chance to climb to the (then current) level cap of 80 within 7hours, many Steam users had very little idea of how to play the game, or that it would increase in difficulty through later content.

Okay, i'll wrap this up

  • Overhead display / CharName-HP-&-PP does not function correctly. does not display other character's PP

  • HUD elements suggest an option to Toggle. all 12 members HP/PP smaller, but stacked on left side above party HP.

  • HUD element #2 Suggest an option to Toggle. Damage & Threat Gauges Bosses or special modes ONLY (Ultimate Lilipa Anga) Yes there is an icon to display when YOU have "aggro'd" the boss, but this does not share enough info for the entire the 12player party.

Damage is currently displayed in Large, Medium & Small Text. but is often Bugged causing people to see no damage value for other players, including teammates. The option for a small Damage meter, would help negate the strife that comes from this.

  • HUD element #3 Suggest overhead ICONS or MARKERS Toggle. Improves Raid content & assists support role characters. Support role players may want to more easily distinguish 1 ally from the others.

This is not uncommon for large scale PvE content & for "raiding" can be very important to keep track of what is going on, moment to moment.


  • Draw Distance. (supports, & ranger too. where did sniper go? lol)

Why do monsters render so far away, but players cannot? (i know, cosmetics. cant we just render them basic model?) (i've been told this can be done, but i have looked for hours and cannot find this option in the launcher or ingame. everything is on max for me)

I am hoping NGS will fix this. but i do wish there was an option to increase the render distance that displays other human PC as it is super awkward trying to heal a player i cannot see, just because they are not rendering (like a ranger with +2jumps above me)


  • the current HP gauges, both OverHead Display & LH Gauges are delayed to show true values. lagging behind about 4-5sec or longer in some instances.


  • this includes the UR corner MiniMap. finding player positioning, is frustrating to put it kindly. it lags behind 3-10sec like the HP guage.

zoomed out, is less lag. (which is a shame, cause zoom in could have nice potential)

Overhead HP lags less than the party meter/gauge, but this is only in general as i have noticed it's really close to a ~60%vs~40% variation as to which will register first.

Hope that was enough, haha got a few more, but these were some of the ones i contemplate often. originally intended to just post about the Talis Legacy, but i wanted to offer some suggestions while i'm visiting the forums again (& i'd guess less than 1% of the PSO2 NA community uses the Talis >.<)

ps. playing TeFo & loving it. looking forward to try TePh, altho big part of me wishes there was a ring that lets me 'Charge Tech fast' like Phantom, but without having to be that class haha