Expanding Ps02's Story

In MMo's the story telling and boss names have lore with it As Builds To A Great character intro. while in pso2 the dragon name crimson menace sounds like a name from childrens morning program.



How To Make Ps02's Story even more The story needs to expand beyond false spawns what about multiple universes parallel Universes that are made from player decisions .

time traveling to the past and future visiting the dinosaur age etc.

other ark operatives that are from different organizations like a pirate crew That have slave trading (of animals, newmans etc.)

what about galactic empires that rule space each galactic empire has its own area and the planets they control.

how about a new race of organisms that are psychic.

What about A Demon Realm That live Inside A Planets Core. In The Demon Realm Monsters Are different from the normal realm.

@Golden_Syrup And this is a good example of someone that didn't bother to even play the story. There is literally lore behind many of the major Urgent quest bosses.

@Anarchy-Marine crimson menace the lore = childrens morning program

@Golden_Syrup For you maybe. But again, I'm pretty sure given how much disdain you have for this game, and how much of it you want changed, I don't think you have even really played the story. You come off as someone who skipped 90% of it.

Edit: The story overall isn't 100% perfect, but no story is. It is good though, as is the amount of lore, as over saturation of lore would kill the pacing of the overall story. That's why Elder Scrolls supplemented the main story with readable books in game. The lore was there for those that sought it out, because they were there to show a story, not tell one.

This whole idea of a pirate crew wouldn't fit the pre-established lore of this game to begin with, as in their universe, ARKs as far as I know is the only space faring race, other then the Photoners. And thus that whole slave trade thing needs to get thrown out as well. It doesn't fit this game, and shouldn't be shoehorned in.

You want them to tack on a bunch of other things that weren't there to begin with, or weren't apart of the vision of the stories creator. Instead you should be asking for an in ship library that gives you the lore you decided to skip past during the main story that's already present. That and any adjacent lore behind some of the lesser covered mythos like the draconians.

@Anarchy-Marine This is the person who has been constantly making threads about how basically everything is bad in PSO2 and they should make more like X game or add Y system from X game. TBH They're either delusional or a troll.

@AwkwardSatori Oh I know, but the GM's want fair discourse here, thus why I just went back and edited my previous post, to further critique his.

@Anarchy-Marine That's fair. Nothing really to add that you haven't already said in your edit.

@Golden_Syrup well you didn't pay any attention to the story at all, or even to the UQ because the dragon is called Elytron Dragon not Crimson Menace also he is explained in the story of the Episode 5 so he has a lore behind him in the story quests

@Golden_Syrup The only thing lacking is your understanding that this game is it's own thing, it's unique, and one of the last few games that can wholeheartedly say that with pride. Damn near every shooter game for instance, has become a carbon copy of all the others. All the nuance they had that made them unique are gone, as they all just copy each other.

Your "improvements" are nothing more than an attempt to make this game appeal to your tastes, which will render the game a shell of its former self. You want this game to emulate aspects of Warframe, Dark Souls, and other RPG games that do not follow the aesthetic that this game is trying to offer. You lack the capacity to appreciate the unique style that this game offers, and will likely hate New Genesis just as much.

The only good idea you have had thus far, as unpolished as it was, was underwater exploration, which would potentially make sense later down the road in New Genesis itself should they choose to add it, as the game will take place on a single planet, rather than a city/gateway ship system.

When people try and politely tell you why something won't work, or won't make any sense being changed in this game, you are dismissive and off putting, which causes others to treat you the way they do. You claim to know how the lore, or characters of this game, could, and should be better, and yet you don't know, or don't respect the lore and characters the way they are.

You don't want to improve them, You want to completely remove, replace, and change them, simply because you don't like them. And with that I tell you that this is simply not the game for you, and perhaps, if you aren't happy playing this game, that you should simply stop playing it, and play a game, or series of games you do enjoy.

I can’t even imagine " Phantaframe Souls XIV " xD

This post is deleted!

@Golden_Syrup said in Expanding Ps02's Story And Crimson Menace Sounds Like A Cartoon Dragon.:

@Anarchy-Marine Not aesthetics you lack imagination.

i dont want pso2 to be another game. i want pso2 to update the features that are outdated. Your not a game developer you wouldnt understand.

Take a review of ffxiv the original wasnt good enough therefore Ffxiv was created from the ground up. Similarly Ps02 team feel this way as to why they are revamping the graphic engine and rebuilding class engine from the ground up.

my suggestions are based on playing and reviewing the actual game modes in Ps02. The character creation feature And At the same time suggestions for including potential game modes. Overall It would add much more to the world of Ps02.

I think your suggestions are wasted on Phantasy Star Team, you should make a kickstarter to fund a new game entirely of your own creation so you can explore all these wonderful ideas on a completely blank canvas free of interference

@Golden_Syrup Your not a game developer either, based on your posts. Let alone a storyboard artist, or someone that deals with in game lore in the general sense. I don't care who you think you are, you do not speak for anyone but yourself. Take your self importance elsewhere please. If you can't articulate, in a reasonable way why these changes are needed, and not because you simply find them outdated, or simply don't like them, then they aren't applicable to everyone. Just you and your over sized ego.

You act as though you are the only one who's played all of the game modes, and side quests, and I can tell you that you sir are a liar in that regard. I've played them all too, and guess what, for an eight year old game, that's about to get a very massive update graphically, and an entirely new series of game mechanics via New Genesis, this game holds up very well.

Edit: Making a point that this was in reply to a now seemingly deleted post, and I think from now on I'm going to begin quoting bad hot takes.

@Anarchy-Marine i explained to you my posts are relevant your commentaries are not.