Connectivity & Gameplay problems

Connectivity issues & Gameplay issues

So the enemies don't die, after a certain point. I have to let my self die, go to gateway ship, go back to area, for them to die. Also I have been stuck on the loading screen before as well when trying to load into the gateway ship or mission. Like 1-3 waves may die, but then it'll be the final one or two and they will stay alive, while my party moves on, I can NOT. The game is up-to-date, my processors and software all meet requirements, my internet speed is at minimum 30 mbps. I also keep getting a no response message from the PSO2 server occasionally. Need help fixing this. Anyone else having these issues??? Also, any help PSO2 devs & tech support?

it's... on you. your internet isn't as good as you think or you're way too far from the server. what going to gateway does is re-syncs your client with the server.

the fact you keep seeing enemies that don't die all the time is that you are suffering desync, that means the quality of your internet connection is bad and part of the package signals to the server from your machine an vice versa is being lost in the way so the only real way to fix your problem is with your ISP