Aux Personality Help

Hey guys I need Advice. I keep sending my auxiliaries out but my Auxilers are always nervous how do I fix that.

It's a random chance to get them to ask if you want to change their personality. It has a higher chance when they level up. No, you cannot change their main class without using AC to completely reset the Auxiliary.

@coldreactive You change their main class by giving them a non-all class weapon for the class you want; for example, if you have a Hunter Aux, you can give it a Rifle to change it to Ranger.

Sending your auxiliary out on searches or bringing them into your quest will help build up their affection, I have mine maxed out on it from doing this.

Also they gain exp while doing the searches and succeed with them, they just take a hour per search and can do multiple based on their affection.

My auxiliary was somewhere around 40-50 before it asked if i want to change its personality. RNG is a bitch. It's even more painful when i chose the stern personality, as i thought it would be a businesslike, no-nonesense personality. I admit that i have no idea what it actually is trying to be though.