Hero is a disappointment

@SeriPSO2 I feel like it boils down to play what you like , and if you want to get better at something practice and research a bit. I started Ra/Hu a few months ago, seemed it was good choice since the games not a tank/dps/heal. Ive always tanked/healed so thought some distance would give a buffer for learning. Playing for a abit now Ive tried other classes like gunner, of course hunter as sub did fighter for a challege (ugh). And personally melee just isnt my tea cup after lvling them to 80. Ive yet to lvl a hero past mmm 45 I think atm and thats just giving them quest exp stc no keys. I still go with ranger or summoner as main and enjoy playing which is the point right ? This isn't my job, didnt get paid to max a rappy's lvl/stats or any other pet, I did it cause it was fun. ( maybe not all the time fun, that drop/rng thou my right ? : P ) See sooo many hero's around cause it's new ( loli hype ). If I invest some time into tryin it at a point even if I was a hunter ( which I think the original poster mained ) or gunner, force whatever and thought meh same weapon but soo different play. I'd just pass or try later again ( maybe ), IF it sounded fun. Soooo end statement like so many people alrdy posted, yes I read them all . . . . lotta better players than me but whatever KUDOS : P

Same as opening statement guess . If I play a class and don't like Ill pass even if it's got hype/shiny new. Keep enjoying everything else I stare at for hours in the lobby ( omg these leggings sooooooo match my jacket watch it with chair dance, wait no I'll swim 3 it male version, no sit 4, standby emote ? wait let me change my earrings . . . . )

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p.s. not gonna bother proof reading so if it's bad punc. or something deal with it

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@RedAzenra ugh prob should have proof read that . . . . : P pretty sure this threads just a big loop now and can go to class talk/hero for more discussing anyways, go go admin ! ! ! ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸŽƒ

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@SalutexMO That's not true. It's just the points people are making are reasonable, they just do not refute the points I have made. It seems like what i'm trying to convey just goes over a lot of people's heads here. People claimed that the reason that the person in the video was almost dying to these mobs were because these were special renditions of ordinary mobs. Okay that's cool but my point is that hero offers no realistic wiggle room in a game like this when you get punished for failing a just frame counter side-step.

The point of making note of those mobs being different is that it's not ordinary content. If Hero is performing just fine in regular content you can't make the claim that your scenario applies to the whole game.

He took damage. That means he was unable to sidestep a strong mobs attack which means he received a damage reduction which means he could not use hero counter. That's the point i'm getting at. That's a completely realistic scenario because this game is completely chaotic even in regular instances like a uq with mobbing or an advanced quest or whatever. Stuff like that happening is inevitable but you get hard punished for it, which is bad design.

You only get "punished" if you take 20% of your max HP in 5 seconds or less. Standard mobs in regular content are not going to be hitting that very often if at all. Hero has so much mobility and ways to avoid damage that it really shouldn't be happening frequently. More so even if you do have this happen a single hero counter will fix what you lost. And it's not like a single instance of this instantly kills your damage. You pretty much need to repeatedly take that kind of damage to never build your damage back up. Which really shouldn't be happening in any content that any regular player is going to experience.

People are not refuting my points regarding the tedious and unrelastic nature of constant weapon swapping either. Okay, people can do it on controller hell I can do it on controller since all you have to do is utilize the PA that swaps weapons. My point is, the swapping is way too slow and practically pointless in any fast-paced action sequence. The animation is literally too long. If that wasn't too much of a factor, than people wouldn't just opt to bind keys and swap manually. That again is bad design.

Mate I just went into practice after my initial reply here to triple check my statement. You can dodge out of the animation. There are maybe like 2 PA's where the swap is a little on the slow side. But it's really not a big deal. You also have the false assumption that you're swapping constantly when you really don't do that at all. I don't know who you talk to or where you get your info but none of the guides i've ever seen for hero have mentioned making bindings to swap instead of using the hold to swap function.

Having to forfeit a main weapon in a game with the most punishing weapon enhancement system I have ever seen with extremely grueling farms is poor design. So now I have to make my TMG and Talis on par with sword (which means a crazy grind for a *14 talis and tmg with proper affixes) or else i'll be shooting myself in the foot just by playing hero because you need to constantly utilize ALL WEAPONS in order to play the class well. It's bad design.

What? How is grinding a weapon to max punishing? like. what? I can only assume you're referring to affixing because i'd hate to assume you're THAT ignorant about the game. Affixing isn't relevant for any MPA content. The actual difference it makes for end game content is debatable. It exists for min maxing. It's not required. Also i'm not even sure how you can call anything a crazy grind on NA. Relevant gear is being handed out to us like candy. I bought the 20 ather fuse sword from zig and i'm using both fornis for TMG and my Talis and they were both easy to obtain and all of my gear performs just fine in advanced busters and any UQ we currently have. I rarely use my Talis outside movement. I rarely use TMG's outside of hero countering bosses. I do just fine.

I don't see bravers having to use both katana and bow to play the class optimally. I don't see gunners having to use anything barring tmgs to play the class well. I also don't see hunters having to player partizans or wired lances to play the class well either especially not constantly!

Hunter as a main class underperforms in most content unless you specifically run a partizan build. Braver's at 90 and 95 spec into both weapons because they can. Most classes encourage you to use two weapons. The fact that you can complete content with a single weapon doesn't mean you're playing the class optimally. Which you seem to care about.

Hero is an exercise in tedium. It's a uber tryhard class with very little reward for anything barring absurd, unrealistic gameplay. Why can't you understand this?

That's more an opinion than an actual fact. It's more like Hero isn't your cup of tea. FYI all the points you've made others have absolutely tackled. You've just ignored them. You don't enjoy hero's gameplay. That's vary apparent. The problem is you seem to have your own view on how the game is. And because hero doesn't jell with that you find it to be poorly designed. Yet any JP vet will tell you it's a great class. And that it really only falls a bit short with very specific content at the ending of EP 6. It's still the most used class for farming on alts because of how good it is for how little you have to do. You're the odd one out here man. Not me.

@RedAzenra While I agree with the sentiment of playing what class you desire since it's your choice after all, don't quite understand the reason to @ me since I haven't yet said anything relevant to your post.

@SalutexMO I actually want you to play, record and give us a good example of how the class is bad design rather than continuously going back to try and use the very same example you've been repeatedly touting about...Because as said before, endless isn't an example to use as the quest itself is skill/knowledge base and niche builds/strategies tend to be used in there.

All I've seen so far from you are player issue/error and not exactly a class error. I haven't actually seen what you expect from Hero in your view of what good design actually is. You haven't really list out specific aspect(s) which would overturn hero from bad design to a good design. Since so far, all you've been doing is going back to the very same example and use it to justify your argument(s)...repeatedly.

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Where as 99% of the game is a complete chaotic mess

Not to pile on top or anything, but I saw this line and I think its more to the point of the issue you're having. I personally don't use Hero, I have no interest in the Class. I Main Gunner and Sub Ranger. Very satisfied with my setup and I deal crap loads of damage to enemies, switching between Vanguard and Rearguard position, Solo or Party play.

That being said, as someone who fights at both long range and close range, the game isn't chaotic in the least. I rarely die or take any damage, even in Ult Quests. Literally everything operates using a set pattern. If you know the patterns, you can predict how the enemy A.I. is going to behave or react, thus no matter how many enemies there are you can always command the battlefield. I don't even need to see the enemies behind me, I know when they'll attack because their patterns are a set interval.

That all being said, I would argue the primary issue has more to do with you. But not that its a bad thing. All of us function differently, our brains process data and develop synapses in unique ways. So each of us is going to have a different experience or have an affinity for particular combat styles. Hero just isn't a Class that goes well with you, whereas it does work better for others based upon how their minds work.

Part of the fun is discovering things about yourself, that's one of the joys derived from Gaming. You're entitled to your opinion, and your feelings are valid. Feedback is feedback. Maybe something else will work out better for you. Otherwise, I'd recommend just sticking with Hunter.

@SeriPSO2 Just clicked the wrong name to post so my bad SeriPOS2 ๐Ÿ˜˜ . Just meant to click the original poster and throw a general opinion out there . I do suppose he could post a video of some game play, point out things he thinks don't flow well/clunky and get some " constructive " criticism/debate going. I hate to see a billion posts of strait up " your wrong, you fail " type stuff thou, these topics often go that way. People can have great debates over discord, no need to be shy about voice talking it's just online after all. Pso has channels and I love to hear peoples opinions and learn something new or clash ideas personally. Can be really productive and fun ๐Ÿ‘ , typing back and forth sometimes just doesn't mmmm is hard to get your opinion across and way way slower . Two days of forum vs like 5 - 10 mins of talk good back and forth : P cute.jpg

Yay photo time !


Its amazing to me just how much everything you could say could be wrong.

You could swap weapons by using the palette. Or you could get extra damage out of the situation and use the PA's that swap for you. Hero does function as a class, and everyone else here who you fail to actually give a good response to, overwhelmingly display how wrong you are.

Hero Counter is a reward for dodging, and skilled play, it doesn't cut your damage. Your entire viewpoint of that is so wrong that its hilarious. Hero is already a strong class already, and if Hero always hit as hard as it does during that counter attack, every fight in the game would be over in a matter of seconds.

Keep your terrible opinions to yourself, if you can't handle other people's peoples.

If the class is unrewarding for you, then you should reward yourself by not playing that class! ๐Ÿถ

The successor classes don't give class boosts like the primary classes do, so you could straight up ignore them.

We get it. TC is a terrible hero player. TC doesnโ€™t listen. TC has no reading comprehension. TC lacks the ability to create videos of his performance. TC has the intelligence level of a pregnant snail. TC just isnโ€™t very good. Thatโ€™s ok tho.

From me, a bad player to everyone else. I find Hero fine because it's not super OP. Imagine if we "fixed" the class by eliminating the damage loss from getting hit, and made weapon swapping either instant or not needed at all. What would we be getting in the end? Another press X to win class? No. Some classes need to be difficult to maximize them. It's like Virtua Fighter. People I played with back then used to gravitate to easy characters like Jacky and Sarah, while others took the time to learn Akira and destroy everyone else as him.

It's the same here. You can be a deuman Br Fi spamming overdrive and kat combat and be a 1 HP wonder, or be a Human or Cast Hu Su and enjoy the safety of being nearly immortal. No two classes are really meant to be mastered by the same player, though some people do go above and beyond and are able to do so. Well, that's them and their ability. But really, most likely, people can play well only a couple of classes (in my case I play all of them bad, lel). Not saying that's OP's problem as he's probably heaps better than me at this whole thing called gaming, and it may be why he finds problems with the class I don't see, since I'm not feeling overwhelmed by it and I'm doing well based on my content tier at least.

So maybe it's a case of sitting down with the class for longer, or moving on to another class, or screaming for change till their lungs explode. But one or the other, at least here in NA, we are on an on-rails update course that other than whatever planned updates for the class exist, nothing else can be done, as dev time is all over NG. Maybe OP can ask Sega to hold NG for a bit and fix Hero? Maybe asking nicely will do the trick...

you got to treat the class like you play Devil May Cry, you get hit, you lose your combo bonus, hero is the same concept. calling the class bad because you suck at dodging doesn't make a good valid opinion about it.

just get good at dodging then you wont get penalised for being bad tbh. ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

I'm not exactly sure what you were trying to do with this thread.

You don't like the class' main gimmick? Cool, people are allowed to have opinions. But what were you trying to do by shouting that out here as if it was an issue that needs fixing? Are you asking for SEGA to completely rework this class just to fit your likes? Fortunately, the world doesn't revolve around you, so such a ridiculous idea will stay in whatever fantasy you're living in.

Just go play another class, man. I'll be here enjoying my PA weapon swapping fun while you can go have fun with one of the 9 other options available to you.

I want everyone here to show footage of them doing an ultimate quest run or a UQ without taking any damage while constantly utilizing all three weapons to show a pleb like me totally realistic and practical hero gameplay

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