Hero is a disappointment

@Knight-Raime Hero is definitely simpler, but in a perfectly good and fine way. on JP server I extensively tested hero and (Rifle) phantom, and can safely say compared to hero phantom is like eating a bucket of razor caltrops. it's just un fun. Maybe rod or katana Ph is better, but the animation locks on all the rifle PAs on phantom make dodging when you dont have content timing 100% memorized impossible.

Most PAs at least let you cancel it with a dodge.

I'm looking forward to Etoile/Superstar and ESPECIALLY Luster. Luster from my research looks like a refinement of the attempts to make scion classes complex, while still keeping them easy to pick up and play, it has a ton of playstyles and depth but its not too hard to get basics down.

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Can you just keep playing your main and subclass and be as strong as the Hero class and those to come?

My Fi/Hu outdamages my Hero but Hero has a ton more mobility making it much easier to keep up with mobile bosses and groups of mobs.

In the future, the other successor classes will be able to be used as a subclass and that has lead to quite a few strong combos.

Omg this game is crazy.........so complicated! When and why did PSO get so complicated? This game can sap your life force if you not careful! I really love this game in the old days because of the Mag and super rare weapons!

I also said these young people are super smart and can organized all this stuff with easy........so hard for me to keep up!

GameS are for the young!

@RainGnyu Nonsense, games are for anyone with the time to spend learning them. I'm 35 and keep up with most 18 year old gamers when I'm not physically ill in real life- sadly that happens a lot, I was born sick, but there are long periods of relatively good health too.

@Knight-Raime For sure. I'm used to playing hybrid on my main class and I do it a bit on my sub, so swapping doesn't take any getting used to. But I'm also used to having two or more weapon palettes for each weapon, so just having a limited range of PAs that we can never expand is meh. The class is good and fun for what it is, but I feel like nothing sets me apart from other Heroes.

I don't know much about the other new classes, so it'll be fun to experience them and see how I feel.

Hero for me was difficult to play at first because of its vastly different playstyle. Learning to dodge was the worst part. Getting down the timings was next. TMG and Talis are my weapons of choice. I can now to okay on it but I still die a bit to much

@Knight-Raime I will say that is mostly the opposite with the exception of Luster the other 2 Scion classes bring much more for the other classes that bring to thenselves, so they end up looking what Sega could pull over certain aspects of the combat in the game and mix then together


Rifle on Phantom definitely seems to be weird. But I want to try it for myself since i've no interest in using rod with Phantom unless it's PA's are decent. Not a big fan of casting to begin with.


I mean if we really get down to it there's not much in classes themselves that sets you apart from other people using the same setups. The subclass system "tries" to diversify classes for players but even with Luster now being a viable sub it still doesn't feel like the subclass system lives up to it's potential.

It's part of why i'm really looking forward to NGS. We've no confirmation of wether we still will have a subclass system, but my hope is that they will take what they've learned from making successor classes and use that as a base to build off of for NGS classes.


This statement is confusing. Are you saying that Hero wasn't building blocks for other successor classes because other ones can be used as subclasses and thus they bring more to the game?

All I meant was a successor class as a whole does mechanics that should enhance regular gameplay instead of it being so one note. And that this started with Hero.

@Knight-Raime what I mean is that Sega tried with the other Scion classes to replicate what they did with Hero and weren't able to do it, that's why Hero is the most popular of the Scion classes while the other 2 became more popular to use as subclasses


Hm that's an interesting take. I'll have to experience that for myself. But at least from what i've seen Etiole looks very fun to me. Phantom kind of seems like an awkward middle ground. And luster is well...very unique to say the least. I'm sure they'd be more popular if they couldn't be used as subclasses like hero can't. But I don't know anything.

@Knight-Raime Ph in general is actually the fluid class out there were the only animation lock are their counter release for their entire kit with step attacking or PA they can be hold down such as Shift Kugel or Voelkermorde. Animation lock refers to being the between frames of unable to dodge or act, which is only shown from when you use counter bullet. Everything else in their arsenal can be cancelled mid-animation via tech or dodge.

PH Rifle is also have PAs that leaves you slightly invulnerable because it displaces you from the hitbox of an attack.

Of all the 3 Ph weapons, rifle is the most popular among beginners/casuals while Rod is the best due to Ph's kit supporting techs. Ph katana is popular at the initial start but is quickly dropped for rifle as it is a very gear heavy weapon to use, it requires more to put out a similar performance compare to the other two weapons.

As a Ph main on JP, I can say that it does take time to get used to Rifle but Ph overall has a lower skill curve compared to Hr or other successors. So it's feasible to play but does require some time to figure out how the strategy around Ph Rifle would be like.

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@Knight-Raime what I mean is that Sega tried with the other Scion classes to replicate what they did with Hero and weren't able to do it, that's why Hero is the most popular of the Scion classes while the other 2 became more popular to use as subclasses

That's actually false, Hr was the experiment and conceptual to how successors should be designed. Ph was the successor class released after that became the mold on how successors will be design and also class balances. Which is why Hr has no sub class skills to start with.

And again, stated many times, Hr was only popular among people using it for their alts since you can just put tmg on the alt and run around clearing dailies. While for actual content, other classes were more popular with Phantom being the most popular as it's the most feasible class to use for high end content. What you're referring to was the statistics on the frequency of class use across all content.

tldr; Hr was the initial concept, but Ph is the is the building block/foundation for successor.

@SeriPSO2 so I should ignore any kind of research data related of popularity is that what are you telling me to do?

No. They're saying that there's more factors in play in popularity polls. Like they said, Hero has inflated numbers because of, again as they said, it's ease of use on alts. Plop some tmgs and do your dailies/weeklies, no need to worry about subclass level. For exemple, I know someone who has the max amount of char slots on JP for alts and that's actually what they do. They don't even play Hero on their main but that's 29 Hr towards the numbers despite them being nothing more than glorified meseta paychecks.

Besides, if you have a look at UH on JP (where most people are), it's mostly Phantoms & Lusters, with some Etoiles & normal classes in-between. Haven't seen a Hero in forever apart of 2 people in my team who pretty much main Hero.