Creating A Samurai like character

Hey Guys I made a new character starting as a braver and I was just Wondering If it was possible to create and all sword use type of character like a character who only uses swords gun blades and katanas. If so which sum class would I want fighter or ranger don't know.

also if you have a build like that can I see it to see how it works please and thank you.

If you mean Swords as in the two-handed ones, then you need Hunter. For all intents and purposes, it sounds like you can just do a standard Katana Br/Hu build and just take Sword Focus on the Hunter Tree and grab yourself a Braver-usable Sword, like Detonation Rage or Lightning Espada. Sword isn't exactly optimal to use as a Braver, but since Br/Hu is a meta build, you shouldn't fall behind in damage. Here's an example Skill Tree for that: