Buster quest stuck at 00:00

Hi! Today while playing a buster quest the timer was stuck at 00:00 so we couldn't finish the mission and we were forced to quit the mission. I dont know what was the cause of the bug but i wanted to let you know if you want to look into it .

Console: Xbox

i also recorded it. here the link: https://youtu.be/QUqM4rm7hwY

FYI, see my other post about this. As long as the Buster towers have more HP than the Castrum Demonica when it gets stuck, you can let the master timer (not the phase timer) timeout and the Castrum Demonica will shut down and you will win. If it is lower or about equal, then you can heal the busters towers by power collecting mana. If you win this way, you will get loot proportional to what you have already killed.