Episode 5 not finished? (Possible spoilers)

So I just got to the point where I unlocked the Luther form dark blast on the story but now it's saying to be continued, did they not release episode 5 in full? Or is that all of episode 5?

It's being dripfed to us, much like how episode 4 was. Expect more to be added in the next update.

like it was in Episode 4 we gonna get the story in parts and with those parts other Dark Blast will be unlocked because all 4 are related to the story of this episode

so what's with the extra stuff though I've seen at least three scenes that aren't marked in the story. one a progress report kinda deal one catchup with episode 4 brother whose name,e escapes me atm/ Finally a Sara scene where she cant see alma none of which are marked in episode 5 at all.

also, this seems stupid to ask cant TBC also mean tbc chapter six or will it say something like it does in previous stuff when finished. like continue to chapter 2

If you want to spend some time with some side-story content in the meantime. Use "Talk" on Echo if you haven't yet, then go talk to every other important NPC.

@coldreactive said in Episode 5 not finished? (Possible spoilers):

every other important NPC.

20201018004244_1.jpg 20201018004238_1.jpg 20201018004224_1.jpg 20201018004145_1.jpg

That's not the full extent of it, Zig and Jan for example also have stuff to say but seemingly all of the NPCs in both the shopping and gate areas (save for some of the unimportant ones and of course the shopkeepers), important (Io, Pati and Quna for example) or not seem to be stuck at the start of episode 5.

Clotho seems to have been updated to the point when a certain quartet went missing but he's right next to one of them so it makes sense for him to have noticed...

Well, before PSO2NA/Global, the last time I played was when Matter Boards were still a thing, so I know that some characters that just stand around now used to actually have more things to do with you. Zig in particular was more involved back then with the whole weapon recreation thing.