Please change the voice actress of the blonde girl with glasses

@TURION-MOONSTAR Why did you necro a dead thread? on a topic thats also a dead horse no less. Let it be. It's not happening anyway.

@Anarchy-Marine I simply stated why it can't be done so back off!

@TURION-MOONSTAR Someone is in a need of an attitude adjustment. I'd like to remind you there is a decorum and etiquette that are to be maintained on these forums, one you clearly lack. What I said wasn't rude, but the simple truth. You chose to necro a dead thread which I find a pointless endeavor.

This post is deleted!

@TURION-MOONSTAR and you need to learn etiquete of how to use forums, doesn't matter if you are much older bringing back a post that was already dead is not well seen in forums unless is a topic that became important again but this one is not one of those and unless you want to see the hatred of the users don't do this kind of thing

@TURION-MOONSTAR I wouldn't care if you were eighty, contrary to popular belief, age does not always equate to wisdom. It also doesn't mean that you are worthy of respect. Respect is earned, not givin freely in abundance, and past the baseline I give you, you can either lose that by being rude, or gain it with responses that are worthy of respect. All I said was that you reviving a dead thread was moot, and in turn you told me to back off. That's very rude, and at that point that baseline was lost. It's why I asked you to remember not to respond to people that way, and your response was to use your age as an excuse for your behavior. That's about as childish as a teen talking about how grown up they are, and therefore demand respect, based on their unfounded belief that their age means they are mature, because quite frankly it doesn't. Just as your age doesn't either. Maturity is not based around age, but by the mental state of the individual, from their words, their actions, and how they carry themselves through life. You would do well to remember that.

It's an anime game. Characters have anime personalities all over the place, get over it.

If it helps, Xiera is a CAST created relatively recently to be... exactly what she is. She's basically a super genius infant created to be your happy-to-serve tech support. The voice is a part of that, even if it is irritating. Xiao (the entity that created Xiera) doesn't 100% understand humans and how they naturally behave either. So it makes sense he designed her to be "very personable" without a clear grasp of when "pleasant" crosses over to "annoying".

Do what i do and play without sounds. Put on your own music and ignore it all. Simplicity itself.

This post is deleted!

And this is why we don't necro dead threads, that have no relevance to actual in game issues, because they will then start getting continuous traffic again.