Please change the voice actress of the blonde girl with glasses

Her voice is hideous and its used way too much everywhere from Buster to UQ's. Seriously could you not find a worse voice?

Nah. Xiera's VA fit her character well... except that sudden change on the last part of the Deus Esca UQ somehow o_O

Well, there's always an option for the Japanese Dub :V

@Ki-Rin They can have a deeper voice for the character. Cause she is really squeaky and high pitched.

@Ki-Rin Her voice fits her character design. Just another classic Rin *hit post I see. Where you hate x thing, because it doesn't fit your tastes. I can't remember a single time where you said something about this game needing a fix where I agreed. I'm still waiting for that moment where you surprise me with something that actually needs to be fixed, and it's something constructive. Xiera is a bubbly blonde, and the localization team did a great job of finding English voices that fit each character. Now if you hate the character, that's a different story. At least that would have made more sense, as she's not going to be liked by everyone.

No matter how SEGA sucks, at least they know their VAs and Music.

@Anarchy-Marine Her Highschool cheer leader ness bubblyness doesnt fit with her role as the mission briefing ark operative.

@Golden_Syrup And yet her very dialog shows how incorrect your statement is. Her dialog is as bubbly as her voice. She was written to be that way. Just because you don't like how she was written, doesn't mean the voice doesn't go with her character, no on the contrary, it goes perfect with the way she was written to be.

You have in the past seemed not to grasp the very nature of this games mechanics as a whole, so it doesn't surprise me that you don't have an understanding of the very characters that populate it.

Edit: Take for instance Huey, the man sees himself as a superhero, and at times acts a bit immature for his age, and yet that's a show he puts on, at least for the most part. He's a member of the council of six, and you'd think that would make him have a certain maturity about him. But no, it doesn't, he's often times trying to keep others spirits up by acting like a goofball.

@Anarchy-Marine mission briefing character shouldn't sound like a otakus fantasy unless you are one that is.

@Golden_Syrup Doesn't matter, this game has a story, with characters written within to be unique, and have their own personality. It's not meant to be a carbon copy of what you'd expect in more serious settings. This is a Japanese game, and they are known for adding these types of characters into their stories. If this was say, a Fallout or Mass Effect title, I'd agree with you. And even with fallout, some of their characters have quirks, where even a serious character is a bit odd, but that's usually do to insanity.

@Anarchy-Marine your a great cheer leader for everything.

@Golden_Syrup Not a cheer leader. I'm stating facts. And the fact of the matter is that this game is a dramatic comedy. It's story is mostly serious, but to break the ice, the developers created characters that by their very design, are made to make light of most situations, or are in some ways, unintentionally find ways to make something funny. Each character adds to it a nuance. Look at Risa. That CAST acts like she's insane, or like she's not all there, but there are things she says and does that point to the contrary. You have the third generation Klariskrays, who acts like a child, but for the most part, when it comes to serious situations, has a better grasp, even more so than her senior Huey. This is do to her being a clone, and never having a real childhood.

These character designs weren't by accident, and you would know that if you weren't skipping most cutscenes. I know several others on here that view characters in the same ways you do, and every one of them later admitted to skipping more than half of the story.

Xiera was created by Xiao using Ulku's personality, which is why she has that usually super positive and bubbly attitude. Aside from the reasons of the current choice of voice and regardless of whether posters here like her or not, I really doubt any changes to it will be done in the current state of the game. Much less when also finding users who also like the voice.

Not saying OP and their supporters should stay silent. But I'd advice not to expect any changes either.

Xiera is perfect, we stan 💅

The problem is that it's Xiera, Xiera, all of the time now. You used to have a squad of operators and different ones for different kinds of missions. They each had their own personality and were kind of cool. I don't mind having a "story" operator but having Melita and friends relegated only to old content stinks.

@Ki-Rin to change any voice actor/actress would involve re-recording all of said character's lines which means taking down the game until such time as the new audio is completed and that would piss off a countless number of players so if you don't like the voice then just set the voice volume to zero in the audio options