Make Rappy waddle race tradeable

Hi please make rappy waddle race tradeable or placeable in other people's rooms so we can have friends or team members play it together like it was originally intended.

Agreed. Its completely useless as it is

It would be nice if they put the pervious ones in the FUN shop.

Unfortunately, since it was part of the Mission Pass, they likely won't change it 😕 I wish the Mission Pass items weren't bound to a player.

Honestly I just wish they would stop putting these waddle race furnitures in the mission pass and put something else there. Like, it's a nice furniture and all but it has been 3 mission passes with basically the same furniture already. The rewards are getting a bit underwhelming compared to previous passes. Also, please don't put PRE boxes there too like the christmas gift. It is a useless furniture for non-premium users. The music box that plays Eternal Encore from Season 4 is the best furniture so far imo.