Some questions for down the road

I tuned into the NGS stream at TGS 2020 and I was pleased with what I saw. I'd begun to question why on earth none of the non-melee weapons were allowed to have Weapon Actions, and to see this will not be the case moving forward pleases me. That said, if it's possible, whenever the next bit of gameplay is shown, I'd like to know a bit what else is and isn't changing, specifically these.

Weapon Actions

Are Weapon Actions going to do anything else in NGS besides block/evade? Like I said I'm glad that the Weapon Action button is seeing more use. There's the potential for gameplay to be more than spamming 1 or 2 PAs and simply dodging when trouble comes your way. That said, after seeing/playing some of the Scion classes, or even just Bouncer, I'd like to hope that there's more to these than just being a block/dodge button. I appreciate how, for instance, Shift actions provide additional functions to a PA making it so that I don't just have to put down two different moves on my palette and clutter it.


Are these going to survive in any form? I stuck all of these together because they're all, in a sense, a means of tailoring how a given class plays. I suppose this question could also be phrased as "How/to what degree can we adjust how our character plays within the bounds of class?"


Short one: Are we going to rely on affixing again in NGS? I hope so, personally.

I think I had another question or two, but lost them at some point. I'll edit this if they return. Maybe someone else will comment on this thread and ask it instead. Either way, looking forward to NGS so far.