(PC-PlayAnywhere) Cant type with Xbox Contoller, its still making me use keyboard

Im playing on pc, through the microsoft store, with a xbox one controller. I was hoping everything would be like when im playing on xbox, but to type anything i need to use my keyboard. I was wondering if there were settings to change it like xbox where it opened a "letter box" so i can use the controller to type things. Also holding the back button no longer opens the chat menu either.

Can someone please help me, i dont see the point in using a controller if i have to sit at my computer to type anything. The whole reason is to be away from my computer

Without using any third party software, outside of getting a Chatpad (which I wholeheartedly recommend as it makes using the subpalette so much easier; a third party one, though, not an official one) or a compact wireless keyboard to have by your side, you could try the Windows Ease of Access On-Screen Keyboard, but even that requires that you use a mouse.