Force Tips

hey guys I don't know if its cause I was spoiled by summoner class but have been trying out human force. Im only on the volcano path and have already used all my free before LVL 15 revives. I don't know whats going on but I'm having a rough time with it. Is there a trick or something am I doing something wrong.

I'd recommend getting every non-light and non-dark elemental tech. So you can use them and see what they do. In a practice area. Some of them can get prohibitively expensive because of their utility or otherwise. This game has an elemental weakness system, and you should be prepared to exploit it too.

Some bosses have unique reactions with certain elements. Such as Vol Dragon's feet being frozen by ice.

i bought brantsion with phont0o drops and tried to equip to a weapon but I can't so where do I Equip it

@OafishTooth3027 To your Subpalette.

Compound Techs can only be put on the Sub-palette. You also have to use techs / etc. to charge it. (It has a gauge on the icon just like Photon Blasts and Dark Blast.)

i didn't think to say it had a potency of 3000 thought it might help with the constant force dying did I also maxd the free back unit and the two sub-weapon units and have this helped now I'm using a 32+ deo garland its helping but mags being annoying my screen pooping up like a battery bar I guess is what it is and keeps flashing. At first, I thought it was cause it was hungry but I have used a whole lot of tec mini devices but it still flashes. I don't know how to make it go away its distracting.

@OafishTooth3027 Mini Devices don't actually give your Mag energy, they just level it up, thus why you still see the battery icon; if it is under level 200, the best things to feed your Mag to get its energy up without having to worry about messing up its stats are 3* Sweets (ie. Sandwiches and Gummies), 6* Sweets (ie. Resist and Spirita candy sticks), and 6* Furniture. If you are having a hard time finding those, then you can alternate between feeding it Tech weapons and Trimates.

i keep doing the marlu quests and im just noticing something her mag seems to be lvling every time i use her on a quest is that just me or does it grow every time i claim a present.

@OafishTooth3027 NPC equipment changes relative to your level, so as you level up, their equipment will get better; for example, Jan will initially have a 1* Rifle, but if you invite him when you are at a higher level, he will have a 13* Ray Rifle.