PSO2 New Player Questions

I've played PSOBB and i've been dying for PSO2 to have a NA release. PSO2 is launching an open beta for Xbox One on March 17, 2020 (Today) at 6:00 PM PDT. I'm currently downloading the beta now. I'm so excited to play it finally. Does anyone know when the full release will be and if any of the beta data will transfer to the full game or should I expect a reset? Will PC have a beta in the future? Is anyone expecting a PS4 release? My first MMO was FFXI and current MMO is FFXIV. I've been playing FFXIV since 2015. Those games you can also tranfser character save data between PS4 & PC similar to a crosssave function. Does the JP version of PSO2 do the same thing? Does the JP servers have crossplay with its platforms like the FF MMOs? PSO2 is coming out on Xbox One and Windows at the very least so I'd assume yes to those questions but I never played the JP PSO2 before. Can a character change their jobs/classes like how FFXIV characters can? I assumed no so it'd be like PSO1 or WoW and can't change your class. Since this is a F2P game, how is the cash shop? I know there are tons of crossovers in JP but I wont be expecting that for NA because of copyrights reasons. I've played Neverwinter before and it really pushed on the cashshop for anything it seems like. I felt like it was a pay to win cashshop. There were a lot of QoL and convenience stuff in cashshops in F2P games too. FFXIV has a sub and the mog station for its cash shop. Mog Station isn't that bad for the items and services it offers except for the high prices. FFXIV isn't designed to be a pay to win MMO tho. It won't ever become a F2P since FFXI is still isn't after all these years.

We don't have any info yet on the transition into full release, but Data is being untouched. From Closed Beta to Full release, your data will be as it's always been.

JP PSO2 has cross play between PC / PS4 / Vita / Switch.

Any character has access and freedom to switch between classes. But, to add extra skill trees it costs money, so be sure to use community vetted builds: (Thanks Azelyra)

PSO2's MTC are more pay for convenience than pay to win.