Chronos eternistone from dragon?

The news post is a lie. There's none in the item log. You can't tell me it's only been a week, there's like 100s of 14* dropped already.

It was like 1-2 per week on JP. The 14* weapons drop rate got buffed in JP but they didn't buff stone drop rate ever.

It has a hilariously bad drop chance that afaik was never touched with jp. So I'm assuming it's not been touched here either.

I have one of these sitting in my storage but don’t know exactly what to do with it.

You're wrong. check triggers, 1 did drop. consistent with the 1-2 a week drop that we were seeing in JP.

I received one after enhancing a Val weapon to 35 and going to the title counter


You get 1 from the pass, 1 from getting a val weapon to 35, and 1 for getting 600 titles. the rest come as drops from the black dragon run back.