Help affixing


  1. SAFs are permanent to the weapon they are unlock from, and while it can fail to be added during an upslotting (since non-SGA SAFs are still subject to the upslot success rate penalty), it will still be available in your augment pool when you try again. This actually allows you to turn some weapons with good SGA SAFs into infinite sources of said SGAs since you can just keep affixing the SAF to the weapon, then use the SGA Transfer to put it on other weapons; I actually have an Atlas Gunblade for such a purpose on the JP server.
  2. Yes, it will let you choose one of the weapons and it will let you see the final product before you finalize so you don't accidentally choose the wrong weapon.

@AndrlCh Guess im gonna have to upslot my saf. (cost more then 60m for the saf on my ship)

What do you mean by transferring? Don't you lose the weapon once the saf is taken out ugh, or do you mean s-abilities.

@benji120 Anytime I mentioned SGAs, I mean S-Grade Augments, which you can transfer without losing the base weapon through the SGA Transfer option at Dudu/Monica.

thx for the help mate