Help affixing

Trying to learn on how to affix weapons, is it better to upslot before trying to put affixes? Trying to get more rng pwr on jutus sweep.

Yes, you do want to upslot first so that you get the highest possible success rate on your final affix.

Are you good at affixing? I got a link with simulator and id like it if someone could tell me if it would work. are we allowed to post links ugh

@benji120 You can definitely post a link to your recipe in the simulator and I'm sure AndrlCh and the folks here will be able to help!!/s=TC01.AB04.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01&1=RB22.TH01.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01&2=TC01.UB11.TH01.ZA01.ZD01&3=AB04.RB22.UB11.ZB01.ZA01&4=TC01.UB11.ZC01.ZA01.ZB01&5=RB22.TH01.ZC01.ZA01.ZB01&r=AB04.RB22.TC01.TH01.UB11&o=A06/s=RB22.AB04.ZC01.ZD01.ZB01&1=UB11.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01&2=UB11.ZB01.ZC01.ZA01.ZD01&3=UB11.ZB01.ZC01.ZA01.ZD01&4=RB22.AB04.ZC01.ZA01.ZB01&5=RB22.AB04.ZA01.ZD01.ZC01&r=AB04.RB22.UB11.ZB01.ZC01&o=A04/s=RB22.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&1=AB04.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&2=AB04.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&3=RB22.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&4=RB22.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&5=AB04.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01&r=AB04.RB22.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01&o=A04/s=RB22.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01.ZE01&1=TH01.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01.ZE01&2=TH01.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01.ZE01&3=TH01.ZA01.ZC01.ZD01.ZE01&4=RB22.ZA01.ZD01.ZE01.ZC01&5=RB22.ZA01.ZD01.ZE01.ZC01&r=ZA01.ZC01.ZD01.RB22.TH01&o=A04/s=UB11.ZB01.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01&1=UB11.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZB01&2=UB11.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZB01&3=TH01.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZB01&4=TH01.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZB01&5=TH01.ZC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZB01&r=UB11.TH01.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01&o=A04/s=UB11.TH03.ZD01.ZC01.ZB01&1=TC01.ZB01.ZC01.ZA01.ZD01&2=TC01.ZD01.ZA01.ZC01.ZB01&3=TC01.ZD01.ZC01.ZA01.ZB01&4=TH03.UB11.ZC01.ZA01.ZD01&5=TH03.UB11.ZA01.ZB01.ZC01&r=TH03.TC01.UB11.ZB01.ZC01&o=A04

Does that make sense ? not sure if there's better and cheaper affix i could get for max rng pwr

I'm not that great at affixing since I mostly just use SAFs (which are Augments that have a 100% transfer rate that are unlocked when a weapon hits +35), especially on the JPN server where you can get cheap fodder with good ones, but I can offer a bit of advice based on what you have there (not taking into account the S-Grade Slots that a Jutus has):

  • You can get Alter Tyro using Infinite Corundum since it's its SAF; you can easily pick up 6 copies of it from the Photon Booster Exchange and then use random fodder to get it up to +35.
  • You can also get Precision IV as the SAF from the Nox and Sigma Rifle, Launcher, and TMG, and those shouldn't be too expensive, especially the Sigma. Of course, this does require you to consider the cost of the grinding to +35.
  • You can also replace Modulator with Precision Boost, which you add with a Affix Augment (Ranged) which you can obtain from Tier 15 of the Mission Pass. You can also try to upslot one more slot and have both.
  • Something you may also want to consider is getting Tir Di Soul or Alles Di Soul, which require an Expedition boss Soul (ie. the ones that are dark blue in the list on the affix sim) and Historia, Fullvegas, Eastern, Escarde, or Fabula Sou (ie. the ones that are in green on the affix sim list)l to create with a 70% rate. Tir Di Soul is +35 RNG-Pwr and +3 PP while Alles Di Soul is +25 All-Pwr, +35 HP, and +3 PP.
  • The biggest thing I'm seeing is the Doom Break I, and getting it on to fodder without spending too much. An alternative to consider might be ARKS Fever; it is 10 less RNG-Pwr, but it does give 3 more PP and has a 100% transfer rate with a single copy.

Going with Tir Di Soul, Alter Tyro, Precision IV, ARKS Fever, and Precision Boost could reduce your cost to a degree since you could do it with only 3 Fodder and a +30% Augment Aid, though of course that does depend on the market costs of the Precision IV fodder, the Souls, and ARKS Fever. It does give 10 less RNG-Pwr and HP in exchange for an extra 4 PP compared to your build, but that is a less than 1% damage difference.

Wow, great stuff! I'll give a 2nd vote to the peace of mind that comes from affixing via SAFs, and with the Revolsio collection folder that's more feasible than ever!

Just to piggyback on what's been said and add some more food-for-thought:

  • You could consider Flict Tyro as opposed to Alter for the +3 PP instead of HP. You'd get this via a +35 Missouri M13 from the shop AndrlCh mentioned or the Astracite Exchange shop. I have tons of useless astracite from Tokyo Keys (i.e. Kagaseo Phantasmalite) so I'm saving boosters atm (read somewhere they may be useful in converting to ultimate boosters one day but dunno the exchange rate).
  • For 20 Aether Fuses (Yamato UQ?) you can get a +35 ranged Siegkaiser type weapon from Zieg that has a Precision 6 SAF. Player shops will also have ranged Sieger series weapons which have the Precision 5 SAF. Depends on your budget as Nox/Sigma will be much cheaper.
  • Prices for reference: on ship 1, cheapest Elegant Precision ("Ranged & PP/2"), +40 Rng +4 PP, is 1.05M; Noble Precision, +30/+3, is $324k, and Precision Boost, +30, is $10.5k
  • Another, more expensive, option for some PP would be Sentence Precision, +20 Rng +4 PP. You can get this from any ranged Gix series weapon.
  • A cheaper alternative might be Yamato Factor since the UQ is in rotation so getting 3 copies shouldn't be too expensive (and they often roll with a Soul you'll want). This would give you +20 Rng +20 HP and +1 PP.
  • The nice thing about using SAFs and affixing augment items is that it's easier to pull off something like Tir Di Soul which was a great suggestion. For example, with a +35 Missouri, +35 Sieger, +35 Gix, and a Noble Precision item you wouldn't have to make any of your own fodder nor affix your Jutus in preparation for the final recipe. You'd have 2 fodder slots open and would need just 2 Souls to finish the recipe (max is 5 and we're currently using 3 (SAFs) + an item).

Lastly, I wanted to add that it could be worth upgrading your Jutus to +35 and then affixing it with some 100% success Junk like Might 1 so that you can add its Augment Factor which is an S2-aug I believe. Then you could swap that S2 onto a piece of fodder to use later or sell on the market. However, I recognize that this may be too much of a hassle/requires having another weapon that can accept an S2 affix (and I'm not sure how valuable the breakable parts one is atm).

Woa , thats alot of info. Getting weapons to 35 for SAFs would indeed be cheaper. Just to clarify you only need 1 copy of the weapon for 100% SAFs right ?

@benji120 Correct.

Keep in mind, though, that that 100% only applies when you are using the Weapon the SAF belongs to, so once they are on a different Weapon, they are treated like normal Augments with their normal transfer rates (with the exception of S-Grade Augments, which are always 100%, even when upslotting).

Yo ive heard about the new s1-2-3-4, should i wait before affixing ?

From what I've read, S-grade augments will be preferred in the long run. However, whether you "should" invest right now depends on a lot of factors - weapon, class, playstyle, resources, patience, etc.

Personally, I'd probably do a budget 5-slot affix on the Jutus Sweep if it was my main weapon for current content and I wanted a boost. For example: Noble Precision, Precision 4, Flict Tyro, Tir Di Soul/Alles Di Soul, and Yamato Factor/ARKS Fever.

At the same time same time I'd be preparing materials for the Atlas Ex which will hopefully be released in 2 weeks (total speculation). This would involve researching the S-grade augments that fit you best which can be done here:
Then you'd either pray to RNGesus (e.g. farm Dragon UQ triggers), buy weapons affixed with them on the market, or buy/complete 6 of the same Val weapon collection folder and get to +35 to unlock the SAF (see site for which augs you can currently get via SAF).

The above gets complicated by your end goal and resources. Is getting to 8-slots important? Can you afford to change weapon types via Zig? Can you afford dedicating a Chronos Eternity (sp?) stone to making an Atlas Gunblade that you'll use repeatedly to transfer its S4 lifesteal ability? Etc.

In any event, I'm suggesting a budget affix for your Jutus because it'll help in the short run and that weapon only accepts S1 and S2 augs. This means that the Jutus is unlikely to include the affixes you'll eventually transfer to your (Lumiere and then) Atlas Ex...I believe the norm is the use your base Atlas to transfer because it can take S1 - S4 augs. In addition, transferring S-grade augs is completely different than standard ones because you can individually move them without overwriting every other affix. So if you eventually unlock the SAF on the Val Alz Gunblade (an S1 that increases dmg by 2%), you could just swap out say Precision 4 and keep all your other Jutus augs! So there won't be too much wasted by affixing now, especially if you go a budget route 🙂

Thx for all the info, right now i have alter tyro and precision 6 saf,(haven't put the affixes on my current jutus sweep) also got gunblade for s4 and every weapons to make atlas.

I was thinking about getting more slots for affixing cuz i think you need to keep one s2 has you mentioned and also the s4, so 5 slots - 2 doesn't really gives much r-pwr left.

Ive heard that 5 affix and plus is a gamble unless theres an affix bonus day or something not sure on the order to when i should try or how to get 6-7 affixes. Is it before i make lumiere / atlas or it doesnt matter?

If you'd like to get 7+ slots I believe the recommended method is to buy the cheapest Val weapon with those slots on the Player Shop. You upgrade that Val into Atlas via Zig and then use "Change Weapon Category" at Zig to switch it into whatever Atlas weapon you really want. Changing weapon categories costs 999 of several crafting materials so that can change what's cost-efficient for a given player (i.e. may be worth it to buy a more expensive Val weapon that doesn't require changing types).

Then, if you go with 7 or 8 slots, you'll probably want to just buy an aug item and fodder to create the affixes to fill in the non-S slots as opposed to upslotting your own SAFs due to the difficulties upslotting you outlined.

If you want to upslot yourself, I believe the optimal strategy is to upgrade your Val weapon into the base Atlas weapon at Zig. Then transfer/affix one S1, S2, S3, and S4 augment onto the Atlas (even if just a placeholder). Now upslot using your S1-S4 plus 100% success affixing junk like Might 1. Reason for this is that S-grade augs transfer at 100% even while upslotting (i.e. receive no upslotting penalty).

You can get from 4 to 5 slots at 100% with a 40% augmentation aid from the Ex-cube shop (100 cubes). And now, you should be able to get from 5 to 6 slots by including a 40%AA as well as a weapon affixed with "Augment Guidance" which increases success by 5% and just started dropping in the Trick or Treat UQ. You can also get a bonus from using the same item or from using a Zeinesis weapon with the +10/20/30 potential (Life's Guidance) - rare drop from Deus UQ (can also downgrade a Cliffard at Zig). Otherwise I think we gotta wait for the next boost week 😕

@benji120 the most easy way to affix is by using augment factors owned by some weapons, just take the to +35 and they will unlock them and they also have a 100% transfer rate

@Koga I know about that mate

I see so buying the val already at 7-8 slots wouldve been better (got them already at 4-5 slots)

I got 2 last questions :

1- If i got an saf (weapons already at +35 but only at 5 slots) can i lose the affix when upslotting or do i only lose a slot if it fails? Did I 
 had to upslot before it was  +35?

2- How does it works when combining weapons at zieg, it says that you can keep your affixes but of wich weapon, do you like choose 
or something ?