S1 Aggressive Will

S1 augment Aggressive Will has been referred to in forums and on wikis as giving "2% power increase" but ingame thr augment states that it "absorbs 2% of damage dealt". Has this augment been incorrectly worded ingame and does it actually offer the 2% power increase or the damage absorbed?

It offers the 2% power increase instead of the 2% lifesteal. >.>

This is still bugged. The augment description says "Absorbs 2% of damage dealt." even now.

I suppose @Sharkbait201 did their own test to say this augment actually increases 2% of the damage, I also did a simple check.

Just replaced Lucky Charm II with S1: Aggressive Will on the same weapon and the damages were 86189 and 87913. This is a pretty accurate 2% increase.



Still not fixed after a month...

S2: Aggressive Will and S3: Aggressive Will also have the same wrong texts.