About hero unlock

I know i need to get 2 classes to lvl 75 but once i do is it unlocked for all characters or do i have to do it again on them

You need to redeem the title. Just having the two classes isn't enough. (Unless this was changed in NA/global.)

So yes, it's meant to be on all characters. But just so you have proof:

alt text

alt text

Ok so i just have to do it once thank goodness going to take me sometime with my ranger and running solo on here got 19 lvls to go with my ranger to unlock it

another detail after you unlocked with any character all others will also have access to Hero class, the other Scion Classes will require the same to unlock then.

Kinda off topic but I really didn't want to create another topic only for this one question.

Is it worth it to go for 12* units on hero? There are no L rings I really wanna go for other than party toughness which I already have equipped, so I tought that maybe it would be better to just go for 11* units due to the set bonuses?

@KILL-A Atomizer Fanatic (L) is a pretty good one, enabling us to throw moons faster, and also disables enemy attacks while throwing (we stil take DoT like burn or poison). Especially in Black Fellwyrm battle, this ring really helps.