Question about Hero Time/Gear

I remember reading that Hero Gear builds up more slowly if you keep using the same attack too much. Is this true and if it is does anyone have any advice/details on how often you should change up your attacks?

It is true, and the growth decay resets once you use a weapon-switching PA.

Oh so I could use the PA to swap from sword to TMG, then use the PA to swap from TMG to sword, and all the sword decay is gone?

@Hatsodoom Basically yeah. The mechanic is to encourage you to do things like switching to TMG to recover PP (or heal using TMG with a quick tap-Megiverse) or switching to Talis to leave a Jet Wheel going (which is one of the better ways to increase your gauge against groups of mobs or stationary bosses).

Yah I throw talisman swaps in there for the DoT aspects of those PAs. Good to know my rotation/combos will work, thanks.

What rings do you guys recommend ?

left ring you won't have much choice to use because most left rings are class related so your choices will be mate lovers, atomizer lovers, mag excite or party thoughness now with R rings you can pretty much use anything you want and I personally prefer to use critical rings just for a little more damage

Thanks for the help and information

Side question: The Hero Counter skill, it says it causes Heroic Boost to grant a greater potency increase. What, so if you side step dodge an attack it instantly adds on +10% damage to that boost?

@Hatsodoom Performing a Hero Counter (successful dodge then Step Attack) will restore 10% to the Heroic Boost multiplier, without exceeding Heroic Boost's max of 60%.

Oh so I have to perform the step attack too. Ok thanks.

Holy cow this counter skill builds your Hero Gear/Hero Time like CRAZY!

Do you actually have to hit with the counter attack to get your Boost back? I haven't been able to find anything online that specifies either way.

@AiC-L According to the JP swiki, no, you do not actually have to hit anything, simply using the Step Attack after a successful dodge that procs the Counter state is enough.

Friendly reminder: The TMG PA that does more damage on a counter does not have the same increase as a step attack counter. Use the step attack to build the gauge, and the TMG PA when it's full or Hero Time is active. The boost that PA gets is MASSIVE.