add item for change gender character please

add item please, more costumes for woman

My response to this as usual, from here:

As I said in another post/thread. They'd require you to unequip all armor/weapon/accessories/outfits/basewear/etc. And give an error if you haven't done such yet. I don't think the PSO2 devs are capable of doing that currently. Since it's already finicky on how it detects if you have armor equipped in every slot. (For the Afin quest.)

On top of that, when you switch gender, the game would have to give a loading screen/etc. while it changes your characters' hairstyle to that of the default hairstyle for the opposite gender of your current race. Along with the default looks of the opposing gender.

They definitely won't let you change your race/looks with a gender change ticket.

They will never add a race/gender change ticket for gear/equipment/outfits though.