Hey there guys! Jpopluvr [Akane] here. My alliance, Mystic Force [Currently at Rank 5], is currently looking for active members to add to our ranks to have a larger player base to have some fun times and also grind out AP to help make our home bigger and better. I am looking for people who want to have fun, chill out with fellow members, and also if you need to be shown the ropes look no further! I am a player who has migrated from JP since the beginning and am definitely willing to help out new players if necessary . Currently myself and my second in command Kaio are looking to welcome people of all skill types so that way we can have one big huge and chill alliance to tackle all the new and end game content. If you have not found an alliance and would like to call one home, hopefully you will choose Mystic Force!

If you would like to join please just search us up as active recruitment is up, or shoot me a message on my gamertag @Jpopluvr or join the newly made discord channel [currently undergoing reform right now].

discord link: https://discord.gg/y9uZj9s