Need to join an alliance.

Need to join an alliance. Long time fan of pso, but new to pso *2. Have alot to learb. Ran a few different guilds on different guilds over the years on different versions. Most likely a few friends will be joining pso 2 aswell. Played on ship1 for the closed beta, may recreate character though. Whose out there?

Ship 2 alliance here, nearing 80 members atm, would u like to join? maxed level already from CBT

I have a Ship 1 Alliance, Clone Force 75. We don't have a lot of members so we'd be happy to have you!

ship 2 alliance hit me up on xbox gt is ATK Blackdawn, come have a talk with me before deciding to join one maybe you may like what we have to offer

Hey guys forgot to check back. Im currently in a clan but probably wont stay. Just joined to check it out. Thought i was going to stay a "provisional recruit" for awhile but was upgraded to member immediatley. Havent spoke with leader or any other members yet.

Been learning the game with my cousin, we both play evenings_nights so it works out great. This game has exceeded my expectstions so far. Classic pso with an upgrade

hello everyone that replied 🙂 the server discord link is in my Signature, message me in discord when u can so i can promote you to ARKS member.