Another Complaint Thread

I can only imagine how many times this same post has been on this board, for that I apologize.. but The Microsoft Store bug is one of worst things I've seen. I need to recap this here because its too ridiculous and hopefully a dev will see it.

  • The Microsoft Store bug finally reached me. Uninstalling it self, not deleting the remnants, and forcing me to re download & update again.
  • I put up with it for a little and actually downloaded, reinstalled + updated twice (I play long weekend sessions so it was worth it to me.)
  • I finally heard about PSO2 Tweaker. But the problem eventually continued there.
  • Tried to fix it but reinstalling the game a few times while using Tweaker but no luck, again wasting hours upon hours of my time.
  • Downloaded the steam version which is what I should have done in the first place.
  • Only to now find out I lost all of my characters, 200+ hours of my time, because there is no alternative to the built-in account linking system (I can no longer access the Microsoft Store version of the game due to the Microsoft Store glitch.)
  • RIP many hours of playing this game and spending a bunch of money on my account.

I know the Microsoft Store is coding slop, but if you're going to allow a platform to host your game, you need to get it right and have the game launch at the very least. It's such a chore to uninstall the game, or in some cases just finding the files and deleting them because uninstall won't even work, and to download + update takes literally multiple hours, just to see if your able to login and access the game -- it got to the point where I couldn't ever open mine. If you have no intentions of fixing this glitch, you should seriously think about taking it down from the Microsoft Store.. it's not right for your customers to lose time and money investment for something that is, technically, your fault.

This is like payback for all those years we were duping in PSO1.

Sega.. you're lucky there's a new class I want to roll or else I woulda instaquit 👀

I feel like this would have been relevant to you before you decided to switch from Microsoft Store to Steam.

I think what he meant is that he's 100% unable to load the MS store version on his PC anymore, so he can't load up that version to get the code. That or he actually started up the steam version, losing his one opportunity to link up.

Its up to you if you want to keep trying. Of course the Tweaker is 3rd party so I'm not sure if I can exactly say what you should do regarding that and it may be a gray area to discuss it on the official forums, but there are resources such as a Discord that I personally found very helpful. I was able to get my download problems solved. And with my DSL line it was almost a week instead of a day for my attempts. Once it was resolved it was a matter of hours for me to finish my downloads once I got the issue corrected.

There are ways to get the MS Store version working again, but it takes some work. Some people even resorted to having MS Remote control their PC to get rid of it and let them re-download and play through it to link it to Steam.

I suggest just deleting every single thing. All of it. Even the tweaker. The Microsoft install. all of it.

Restart your computer and go STRAIGHT to the information for tweaker. Once you follow the steps and run the script and DO NOT STOP IT, LET IT RUN. You’ll get the game working. The main problem people have is they don’t do the script properly. They think it’s bugged or repeating the same things. IF IT DOES NOT SAY ITS FINISHED IT IS NOT FINISHED!!