More Personal Quarters item capacity.

Probably been mentioned by others.. Didn't see any immediate topics when I searched.

I just decked out my balconies in a massive garden arrangement and it's left me a bit short on item capacity for my rooms, any additions would be awesome since my rooms are currently maxed at the allotted 150/150 furnishings.

I agree with this post suggesting!

In this case, more is always better.

I think I saw a similar post a few months back, and I agreed then, and I agree now. I also agreed to another more recent one that asked for better item spacing, as this current grid system, doesn't quite cut it, especially for those who want to place posters or paintings behind couches chairs, tables etc. Overall the housing system is good, just needs some minor improvement.


Agreed, just slight adjustments with the spacing and capacity and it will be superb.

Here's some footage of my alternate personal quarters. I am missing just under 15 items to make it complete.

  • 3 Items on my 'resort shelf' main room
  • 2 Items on my 'stone replica' for my patio
  • 1 'Rug' in main room
  • 2 'sofa's in Lounge venue/Bar
  • 4 random drinks for various 'tables'
  • 1 'shower stall' for my bathroom
  • extra 'poster' for any of the walls.

This would literally complete my Personal Quarters if there was just a bit more available space before the cap.

Future update hopefully.

Yeah an increased item capacity would be very nice.

I agree 🙂 This is something I've wanted for a long time as I filled up my room on the Japanese server. I still had space and one room especially was rather empty, but I was out of "slots".

Especially as more items keep getting added, I'd love to see an increase to this or even to have spots be exclusive to free players (though, maybe more than 5... even as someone who plays premium, that's a disgustingly low amount. It's already a tiny room, let them enjoy it) with premium players being able to place as much as they can fit.