Fellwyrm is terribly designed

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@Akonyl i notice in one of my runs 3 people used that skill during that phase not sure if it did something but we brought the dragon down way quicker then the other runs i was in. I also seen others swap to launchers in a different run and drop it almost as fast but I'm honestly not sure what pa they used.

Hm, interesting. Still haven't found any concrete info on it, but maybe I'll check it out at some point to see if I can make it work.

Ship is much worse and I won't even play it. that said the sword mechanic is what i have a problem with. why the hell does it need to disable all your other skills to use it?

I’ve stopped doing ship entirely. It’s not fun, especially the second half. I have no idea why they spammed it so much. What happened to Luther? I never see it anymore. It would make more sense for story than the ship does.

Now that it’s been a few days, the consensus still the same? I don’t find the boss fight hard at all anymore so. I do agree that Hero movement helps a whole heck of a lot. I do worse on my Rng that has to still and absorb some attacks for max output.


I’ve always enjoyed the fight but I have noticed less people dying. I still had moons left this time.

@Milk People are learning, as was expected. I'm having some XH no death runs, and I'm a bad player. >.<

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Now that it’s been a few days, the consensus still the same?

I have no updates. The only UQ windows I've seen lately have been ironboat.

@Miraglyth wish they roll mother for just a bit hell i may even enjoy the first phase maybe.

@NotWhoUThink The fight is designed around the utilization of the Laconium Sword, which offers, basically a second HP bar, an extended dodge I-Frame, an invulnerable near-perfect guard, a homing PA, and a ranged attack.

To say that the rewards are "Terrible" is also kinda wrong, he drops Val series weapons, which are used to make Atlas series.

@Milk They spammed it because they knew people wanted Jupiter soaring blades.

After running it some more I definitely have some complaints:

~Dragon seems to go into some sort of frenzy mode where he spams attacks back to back with no sort of visual or audio que and doesn't seem to have an exhausted mechanic to compliment the behavior.

~Hitbox on the head when he does the breathing sweeping fire attack feels a bit off if you're not hugging his nails. Tail hitbox can hit behind itself when swinging the other way.

~Arena doesn't feel appropriately sized since the boss can regularly shove the tail outside hitting range or into the wall.

~Not fond of his "push back" wind move. Only serves to stall the fight. Not fond of mechanics that do that without adding something meaningful.

~Meteors he calls to the ground have poor indicators on when they will hit. Forced to basically memorize timing.

~Can potentially be wombo comboed by moves.

I finally managed to get my first deathless S rank against the runback yesterday. Despite this UQ being my favorite one we have so far I would consider the UQ to be flawed. Even though i've gotten a lot better at the fight and I can successfully dodge and counter him most of the time when I take damage it feels undeserved rather than me messing up.

I feel like if they axed the wind push move and added a proper frenzy/exhaust mechanic i'd enjoy the fight a lot more other issues not withstanding. I enjoy this UQ for the time being simply because it's an engaging fight versus almost all other UQ's just be waiting around to do damage. If future UQ's do not repeat that mistake but keep the same level of engagement that wyrm does i'd probably not opt to play the wyrm UQ as much as I do now.

I have been told that NA players is failing Black Doragon even that it doesn't have Death Limit Count. How is that possible?

@LordCloudStrife Haven't had any issues with either dragon, save for one time where my console shut off. I don't see why so many people are having issues with this fight. Phaleg is a tougher fight compared to the dragon, and I personally have more fun with it than Phaleg for obvious reasons.

@Anarchy-Marine i have yet to fight the black dragon waiting till i hit lv85 or until i beat regular lv80 2 more times without getting hit by its tail flip. This is the only thing holding me back.

@Cloudonpot Well I just ran both the red and black. Red was no issue as per usual, but black was. Two other players kept getting downed, and one of those two players kept grabbing the sword without knowing how to use it. Suffice it to say the fourth member of our party left when we had only two min left, and it was just me against the dragon at that point. I'm level 82 at the moment on my Bouncer/Fighter, and let me tell you, mobility is key when you draw agro on the boss. You need to dodge his attacks, and hold his attention so that less mobile classes don't take all the damage. Level 80 and up players can do it, provided the learn the dragons tell that he does before each attack. Without knowing that, you are basically screwed, as the AOE floor marks are only up for a brief period before he lands the attack.