Fellwyrm is terribly designed

@coldreactive I may have misread a bit and if so apologize for that part, but if you're aren't good at something at first, then wouldn't continue playing the game, memorizing boss and enemy mechanics as well as your class mechanics help you become better? Deaths you shouldn't worry about, Everyone dies and everyone isn't so god to not get hit in this game because they will eventually or even die, but mainly worrying about how to "Do better" in this game. Scared to Blight/weak bullet? Get the ring and use it to help. Lack Moon atomizers? Buy -mates and -Atomizers before you do EQs. Bring Half dolls if needed and it doesn't really matter to go back to campship, Restock if you run out, and get back to the quest (unless the quest is death limited ). And again, people are also giving you advice on what to do with the class besides myself so if you don't actually remember, you can easily come back to a source of info.

Laconium Sword is suppose to be used to just to activate the weak points, not a crutch to get a free death. Made more evident in Black Dragon version where there's only 1 sword with a cooldown timer before it can spawn again after being dropped.

@NotWhoUThink Dude, you need to learn the mechanics of the fight instead of complaining. I've had zero issues with landing hits, because I figured out that the sword that's provided during the fight, has to be charged, before you attack the scars, you then bombard the scared areas it provides in stages, as taking out the legs and tail in the final stage, offers staged points where the head will drop, and he will cease movement, giving you an opening. It's not hack and slash only, and is more akin to older MMO type games where you have to learn the bosses patterns. It's recommended that you learn via a solo hard run, and then go for the extremely hard run with a group afterwords for best results.

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I can agree that when he's mobile he's hard to hit for some classes. I don't find that to be a problem strictly because he's not constantly mobile. Which is why I made the comment about aggro. I won't disagree about the lock on/auto targeting system being poor. But that's really more of a jab at the game itself than an issue specifically with the fight. If high mobility alone were the problem here than Luther teleporting to stab the ground would be something else to call out. But it isn't. So clearly it's not just mobility that makes the experience feel "bad." But rather they way it's done.

Considering aggro is usually tied to the person doing the most damage who is most likely one of the 12 people rushing down the down the boss and not staying back it usually means the boss is nearly constantly moving his hitboxes or using a knockback which oddly enough makes Techer and Force (mainly Force though) frustrating to play, but they already suffer a lot anyways (other classes and weapon types feel the pain of near constant moving hitboxes but not as much as Techer or Force). Luther's fight as whole is more geared towards the relatively slow base classes so his attacks are less of problem.

I mean yea, some classes lack the defensive capabilities/mobility others do. But I don't see how this is particularly a problem with his design. If any class is more than capable of contributing to the fight then I don't see the problem. You obviously take issue with some classes performing worse than others. I don't think that is an issue because I choose to look at it as some classes excel at things that others do not.

A boss should be made so that every class can play optimally and not a select few classes. While I do think that he should still be a challenge for every class (again he is a boss after all) I still find him to be tedious rather than challenging.

It's not something i've experiences so I guess I cannot say much. All I know is i've yet to see anyone actually struggle with this. I feel like if his HP/defenses were a problem it would be apparent even if everyone is playing perfectly. But seeing as how that's not the case it feels more like you're trying to say "I don't enjoy this fight and I want it to be done asap so I can stop playing it." Which fine more power to you, but I wouldn't put that blame on the fight itself.

Again it's not exactly the biggest struggle just tedious for not very good rewards.

The only example I can think of is his big swoop attack when he's trying to ram people where you still touch a hurt box even if you're under his wings as he flies over you. That's...kinda par for the course when it comes to enemy hitbox design. Devs sort of expect players to understand what attacks are meant to hit where based on the behavior of the enemy. In this case he's trying to sweep the field. If all you had to do was not be under his body during that attack it wouldn't be a very effective one. As far as lingering hitboxes go that will require more playtime on my part. But at the current moment I suspect it's just improper dodge timing or a connection issue (i.e on your screen you cleared it but to the client you didn't.)

I want hitboxes to be accurate to it's visual representation, and not to be heavily damaged by a gust of wind. And just because it's par for the course I don't think it's a good design for either the player or the enemy to have exaggerated hitboxes. I can't say too much more about the lingering hitboxes because it could just be a client issue but this does not feel like a client issue.

Well i'd say that's a personal problem then. Not everyone plays the game to be efficient with their time in it. And there's more than enough evidence in game to show that PSO2 is about giving the player options for obtaining loot. Like how we can get Val weapons from the dragon or from the collection sheets. (as an easy example.) Not everyone enjoys buster quests either. My friend whom I regularly play with would rather take on the crimson dragon despite it being frustrating at times than farm busters because he dislikes it's format. I play both because I enjoy both equally. Just depends on my mood at the time.

I agree that not everyone plays the game to be efficient I do feel like a timed quest should give out more rewards or at least a higher chance at better rewards than one you can play at any time (granted if there's enough players anyways).

I actually enjoy PSO2 the most out of any looter experience i've had simply because it's not "go here, farm this one enemy/activity, pray to rng." It's nice that I have options. It's nice that the devs don't really need to constantly balance drop rates simply because they give people more options. It's nice to not feel like I have to rush any content because all MPA content is doable with the catch up mechanics they use to give sub optimal but workable gear into players hands. That way I can take my time when and if I want to do harder things like solo high end extremes or things like phaleg and solo PD. The chase is there if I want it. But it's obtainable in multiple ways. And it's because of this that PSO2 has taken up my entire time for gaming the past month or 2. I rarely play anything else these days.

Despite the flaws this game has it can pretty fun and is definitely one of the better MMORPGs, I'm complaining because I care. And if I didn't care I'd stop coming to forums and playing the game like any EA game. I just want the game to be than it is, something I think we can both agree with.

@Anarchy-Marine It's because I understand the mechanics that I'm complaining, that's the logical thing to do anyways. Older MMO mechanics and this game don't really suit each other because PSO2 wasn't really made with the older MMO mechanics in mind. Trying to introduce those mechanics so late in the game (5 years after the game was released was when Episode 5 came out) and was heavily criticized as the worst episode by a majority of the Japanese players.


Mn, see I was referring to the 4 player run back when talking about my situations. the MPA boss is a push over because you've got 12 people there pushing it around. Funnily enough I find the bosses behavior to be more chaotic in the run back than I do in the MPA. Far as the classes comment goes I don't know what you mean by optimally. I wouldn't say any class is poor against any boss.

I don't particularly mind hitboxes not 100% matching the visuals so long as things make sense. So like a big arena sweeping attack having a larger hitbox seems fine because it makes sense due to the intent of the move. Now if I was say, fighting Luther and his teleport stab had a big AoE box i'd have a problem because that doesn't really mesh with what he's doing. I guess I can't say wether the design is good or bad for this point, I will say I am okay with it though.

I can agree in principal that a limited event should have better drops than something that can be spammed as much as you like. However it's not like the UQ is rare currently. It's being spammed in the schedule. And the boss does feature a run back meaning a second shot at the rewards on one character. If you play 3 characters since you get 3 for free that's 6 attempts every hour or two. Considering we can just get the gear from elsewhere I think it's fine. (though there's one particular material from this boss that should have a higher drop rate imo.)

I agree the game can see improvements. I just don't expect/ask for them in most situations since the whole goal really wasn't to give NA a different experience compared to JP. If the game continues to be supported with new content post NGS launch then I could agree to them maybe making some bigger changes that effect both global and JP. But atm i'd rather they just focus on squashing bugs and deal with meseta bots that absolutely ruin the player shop economy.

This boss is tough and heck with melee classes yes, but it's not unfair at all.

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I can agree in principal that a limited event should have better drops than something that can be spammed as much as you like. However it's not like the UQ is rare currently. It's being spammed in the schedule.

While we're on that subject, this week there are 15 Crimson Fellwyrm runs scheduled.

And 20 Stupid Ironboat runs scheduled. Seriously why do we have so many. Last week it made some sense to fill time before the dragon's debut (even if it'd have been nice to split it more evenly with Deus Esca which has been forgotten way too quickly), but to outnumber a new UQ the week of its debut? That's just daft.


Ah so we did have a small misunderstanding as I was more referring to the MPA boss for the erratic movement as the Black Fellwyrm can be far more predictable, sorry about I should've clarified that. I mean it might be asking too much for hitboxes to be 100% accurate but it still bugs me considering how much damage some of the moves do, and I'm not saying Luther's teleport stab isn't a problem it's just less of problem considering how many wide area of effect attacks that are fast he doesn't have compared to Fellwyrm. Considering the speed at which we're getting new content I do have problem in which a limited UQ is less rewarding than something that'll stay in the game. I can also agree though that squashing bugs and dealing with the meseta bots is more important, however while the core gameplay did stay the same from JP to global many of nuances were lost or they just didn't bother with which concerns me more than anything.


If I had to guess its because weeb boat drops ather fuses which gives people access to a guaranteed rank 6 damage affix from zig. Where as most of the things wyrm drops are obtainable through thinks like unique badges, rising badges, busters, and collection sheets.

Not saying I agree with the numbers. But that's my rationalizing on why weeb boat is still being used a lot while esca has taken a bit of a back seat.


Wasn't trying to say Luther's stab is a problem. Just was using it as an example. I too am not fond of how NA hasn't gotten all the things JP has in regards to item descriptions and the like. But I'm trying to ignore that.


Fair enough about about the Luther ground stab. As for the item description problem it's something I can't really ignore since I see it every time I open my inventory. And it's not just that either as it goes from things like missing content (no voice tickets even though you can select it from the drop down menu in the player shop) to the small things like AC scratch tickets being out of order and not all items making it into the scratch tickets while some items that were AC scratch are now Fresh Find items.

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If I had to guess its because weeb boat drops ather fuses which gives people access to a guaranteed rank 6 damage affix from zig.

Really bizarre priorities there if that's the case. People could have nolifed for that when updated ironboat was the newest UQ. Can you imagine if, in the first week of Profound Darkness' arrival as a UQ, they gave us a ton of Elder spam instead just so Rangers could collect Iritista Rainbow Astracite for their then-endgame Elder Rifle?

This is supposed to be the week of Crimson Fellwyrm. It's frankly nuts that any one other UQ is stealing the spotlight at all. Even if they were going to make the new UQ be in the minority for the first time ever, the least they could do is diversify the filler UQs so people who care more about less endgame drops from other recent UQs don't have to suffer for their having been prematurely abandoned for ever more ironboats the majority stopped running over a week ago.

@NotWhoUThink ahh forgot about the voice tickets. Fresh finds seems to be getting better imo. But yeah I get you.


Yeah the current uq schedule is a little weird. I wonder if it has anything to do with us not getting the full episode drop.