Fellwyrm is terribly designed

I don't know who designed him but whoever did certainly doesn't know how to actually design a boss. He is near constantly mobile making many attacks extremely hard to hit, his high health combined with also near constant damage reduction, many hard hitting attacks while most them cover a wide area and even some attacks that hit you from across the map, the ability to juggle players to death with no counterplay, broken hit boxes (attacks that shouldn't connect do anyways with no chance of counterplay), and to top it all off terrible rewards. I just have to ask why? Why was he designed in such a way to be anti-fun?

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The main thing I'd like to see is a few more sword spawns pre-desperation phase. (Final Phase spawns 12, which is the max amount of players.) 6 instead of 3 would offer a better attack force.

I, a bad and lazy player, had fun with this boss. Due to RL work I haven't been able to fight it more. But regardless, I liked what I saw. yes, I chuckled as my bouncer memedodged pretty much everything while every of his attacks dropped 5 or 6 people dead. I see this boss as mostly designed for hero class, of course, but any class made for or tuned for i frames will do good with it. My two gripes are, as @coldreactive said, we could use more of those blue glowing swords, and when the weak point is the tail... that thing, it moves a LOT...

@ZorokiHanuke said in Fellwyrm is terribly designed:

and when the weak point is the tail... that thing, it moves a LOT...

Even the head moves a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y-tlUqFClo (See near the end.)

@coldreactive Maybe I was lucky on my runs, but I didn't have problems with any other part of the body. Yes, head moves more than legs, it seems, but I was able to attack it without even locking on. Then again, the blue sword, bouncer jet boots approach PA and crafted safoie have scary locking ability.

I enjoy the fight. I was playing my Bouncer and my husband was playing Techer, neither of us had problems with dodging attacks or anything with hit boxes. We saw a lot of dead players but it’s also a brand new fight and we saw the same thing with PD when it was new. Players haven’t learned the fight yet.

This is the most fun I’ve had in the game.

You just s-

Sorry I can't say it because i'll get a ban warning.

@NotWhoUThink i don't know about you or anyone else, but it felt like the AOE fireballs that rain from the sky has a lingering hitbox on them. i died way to many times figuring that out.

@Milk said in Fellwyrm is terribly designed:

We saw a lot of dead players but it’s also a brand new fight

I already know all of the mechanics after two runs. I still die a lot 😛 (IE: at least 10 times.) I've even died three times during sword use.

@Reilet You want to say that but I'm pretty sure I brought up some valid points, some of which are pretty hard to deny like the hitboxes being sort of wonky.


I’ve come close to dying but haven’t yet. I’ve died a lot to PD when I was learning the fight but not this one. I can test it on other classes later as I’m sure certain classes struggle more but I feel people will improve just like PD.

I was expecting this dragon to be a pain to kill and oh boy he didn't disappoint in that regard in special the black version that killed me like crazy the first time I faced him, at least I learned how to do my i-frames dodges better because of him and his deadly tail

I think the boss is a good challenge, died quite a few times on the normal and black version while learning them. Ran a bunch of triggers of it and the UQs today with my alliance and it felt nice progressing to only dying once in my last run. The laconium sword feels really cool to use too.

It's cool that the red dragon is even in the game, same with the laconian sword, I've felt that the tidbits of episode 5 that are references to the classic games were all done really tastefully.


I'm stating the obvious to anyone who is familiar with the series, but for those that aren't, the fight and the laconium sword are a reference to Phantasy Star 1 where at one point you have to fight the Red Dragon (seen above) in order to get the Laconian Sword (the best sword in the game and I think required even to finish it).


If only they gave her a more modest outfit too like her original!

@REEStrikes said in Fellwyrm is terribly designed:

it felt like the AOE fireballs that rain from the sky has a lingering hitbox on them.

There's definitely something going on that I haven't fully understood yet.

Firstly, some of the attacks like those AOE fireballs. If I use Blinding Sidestep to iframe through those I know it works because it activates Bouncer's shiny new level 85 skill (Dodge Auto Field) and gives me both of my fields. But I also get hit!

So I'm both dodging and being hit at the same time, or very close together. If it's the former, part of these attacks are hitting through iframes. Or if it's the latter, it's an attack that does multiple hits in very quick succession which means the timing to iframe through them is tighter than it's been for previous bosses.

I haven't fought it enough to have worked out which yet. But I'm pretty sure no other boss is quite like this.

As for the dragon's mobility itself... yeah, it's a bit of a nuisance. My main problem it is feels like it's impossible to either attack or even lock on to the right parts.

Even if the closest part of its body is a weak spot (blue or purple) and I'm facing it in the center of the camera, using the sword's PA or Gran Wave will often ignore it entirely and send me careening off to an armoured part I don't want to hit and even often into the path of an attack I was previously not in the path of. The same with lock-on. It just feels way less predictable and reliable than other bosses. I haven't struggled with controlling my character this much since Mining Base 3 where Gran Wave would always glue me to the nearest red energy wall.

Maybe it's not helped by this boss moving more than most? I don't know. It probably doesn't help, but I'm having that issue even when the dragon is standing still. The only time I can really attack the part I want to attack is when it's in the air and I can alternate normal attacks and the PA of the Laconium Sword while locked onto its head. For everything else I'm fighting the UI as much as I'm fighting the dragon and that's not proving to be very much fun.