Hello, guys is there a list somewhere of where exactly to get what harmonizer in north America. I know about the badge shop and player shop.

I also understand that some harmonizers drop from ultimate quests but don't know which one as the names are different then jp.

Also, does anyone know if there any harmonizers whatsoever that we can add augments two thank you? Any help is appreciated.

This lists most everything (there may be a few that are dropping that haven't properly documented, like someone noticing a Novel Harmonizer dropping from Ultimate): https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Harmonizers_List

Also, no, Harmonizers will never get the ability to have Augments as the Summoner equivalent of Augments is each Pet's Sweets Box. The only thing that a Harmonizer contributes to a Pet is its Potential as the Pwr on a Harmonizer is not even taken into account for damage calculations.