I am pissed! Augment Transfer passes! What the hell!

I think Justin Timberlake had a song about this topic.

SEGA has always encouraged people to play multiple classes and announce player progress on PSO2 Station. I remember they where excited to announce the first person to reach all classes to level 80 back then - which was alot of work. To unlock level 80 cap - you had to do each class individually, you had to turn in 21 class excubes and get a 13 star weapon for that class to +35 (during the time where 13* weapons did not drop as 35 grind cap mostly 31-34 so you need multiple copies and were untradeable/unsellable).

It's only normal for a game to reward people that put more time into the game - I'm busy irl at times too and I can't make alot of the urgents, but those that can will get rewarded more.

To me and just me........leveling another class is like starting over. I have no interest in the other classes. Swords swords and more swords is all I want. So now I got to level all the others class using a sword! You understand how long that going to take..........

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I have a lot of Hunter (80) cubes but have not cared to Level my bouncer pass 75 or any of the other class! The part that gets me upset is the limits. If I don’t want to learn the other class I am penalized /chasten!?

Yes you are penalized because you're meant to play every class... Each class has a distinct playstyle but you should be able to find one way to play each class to your liking, unless you're only into like Etoile or Summoner.

I'm confused on why you'd need much more augment transfer passes... unless you're aiming to make a weapon a camo for another weapon?

@Knight-Raime Those are weapon form pass you're referring to. Augment passes are for transferring abilities from one equip to another and cost depends on the slots amount being transferred to.

@SeriPSO2 Ah you're right. my B. wait. I thought you could turn in a number of augment transfers to get a weapon form pass.

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Swords swords and more swords is all I want.

That covers Hunter (sword), Hero (sword), Bouncer (two swords), Braver (thin sword) and maybe Fighter (bidirectional sword) which means you've got at least three of the four groups catered to!

You need 130 augment transfer passes to do a "final" 8 slot unit affix, for anyone wondering as well. This is why it's good to just save these things for when Cras releases at the end of Episode 6, instead of using them now. For now, just do cheap 5 or 6 slot affixes, they're more than good enough.

The endgame affix (Guardian Soul, Veteran's Resolve 5, Crack 5 (this will probably be renamed, thankfully), Absolute Glare, Aether Factor, Mana Reverie, Mark or Grand, plus SGA) is simply just a case of having meseta and smashing insurances until it works at 4 slots, then you just upslot using the augment passes and get something like 290 all attack, 300 HP, 28 PP (+SGA effect) per unit without any sort of RNG.