Can't connect to game servers

So this morning when the new UQ dropped I came on to do it but everything was moving really slow (transferring blocks, moving from area to area, loading menus ect.) then I got error 630. and got disconnected. Now after relogging I can't even get into the game, I log in and I always get "disconnected from servers" at the ship selection. I've never had this problem before and it was only with this week's reset. Any fixes support or anything? I can't even play the game I enjoy now. Edit: Now get an error 249 from time to time when i try to log in. And I did manage to log in a couple time but i was disconnected with error 630 like a minute after getting in. Wtf is going on?

Bump for help

I started having issue like this the last few days. I am suspecting its either an routing issue on the internet or a problem with the MS Cloud server side. I have tried different computers and different launchers and it seems to happen on all. I have also run trace routes from my home connection and other than some high response times from where My ISP hops off to MS server cluster, I am not seeing any issue off hand. I would try running through a VPN just for testing but they have been working hard on banning TOS violators and don't feel like getting a permaban.

Just out of curiosity, do you mind giving a bit more details? Client, Location, ISP?

For me: Steam and MS(Tweaker), US Texas, Spectrum.

@DarkstalkerX99 Well the problem disappeared after the maintenance on the 21st but i wake up this morning and the problem is back again. When i select my ship it just stops there, it dosn't move to character select and if a wait long enough (like 10 mins) i get disconnected. Client is Steam (Tweaker), Location is Trinidad and the ISP is Greendot

Same issue on Ship 04 starting from 3 November. Worked fine before that.

same then what should we do

@a-m-ir-al-i-zand999 said in Can't connect to game servers:

same then what should we do

right now is maintenance for NGS so there is nothing you can do