Guess I'll be first. Episode five is the best wacky adventure I've been on in PSO2 thus far.

As the title says, episode five is probably going to be one of my favorites. From the classic JRPG elements, to the narration, the story is a big nostalgia trip. Then there is the content itself, without getting too spoiler oriented, the character development, the lore behind how dark blasts really work, it's been a fun adventure thus far, and I await the continuation of the story with excitement.

Also, on an adjacent note, I've seen other playing the hero class, and while I haven't delved too far into it, the class looks fun. The rapid change between weapons is something I hope NGS can replicate to some extent, although, that is a topic for in game suggestions.

I'll just say, that the upcoming chapter that takes place in Epyk is one of the most enjoyable parts of the story to me, with the one character that rivals Huey for title of BEST GIRL. I really hope they have the voice-acting down for it, otherwise it might kill the mood.

Ep5 so far made me tear up a little, I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to see more! There were a lot of unexpected twists and believable character dialog, plus the medieval style setting is a lot of fun. I’ve definitely got some characters I like much more than I did before, that’s what made Ep5 special to me.