Allow chatting during story missions/story mission selection screen.

You can see chat when going to pick a Story Mission, even control it with alt/ctrl but you can't type or communicate with this window, please make it possible to chat in Story or at the very least the mission selection window.

+1 would be nice. i like the story & wish there were more Left click skips so i didnt have to Right click to skip entire thing just cause there is 30sec of no dialog. i learned a mission takes 30sec to complete if you Right Click Skip the story, which apparently counts the 30sec of black-screen between each mission.

its my opinion that more people would take their time through the story if they could still access the chat, i realize salon disables chat too, but it does put guild leaders & officers in a somewhat odd position having no ability to moderate the guild or help answer questions while in the story mode or menu system.