Level 60 with 2 million maesta

So I am like 60 plus I’m Braver/ranger with like 2 million plus for buying stuff.

I just keep taking stuff and upgrade as I go. I did upgrade my bow for fun. My Katana I know it need more improvement and I want to be sure when I do buy I know how much a better weapon and where to find it. I don’t want to do crafting

I really had not bought stuff just sell and earn it

@RobedActor77417 said in Level 60 with 2 million maesta:

So I am like 60 plus I’m Braver/ranger with like 2 million plus for buying stuff.

I just keep taking stuff and upgrade as I go. I did upgrade my bow for fun. My Katana I know it need more improvement and I want to be sure when I do buy I know how much a better weapon and where to find it. I don’t want to do crafting

I really had not bought stuff just sell and earn it

I would harvest unique weapon badges. You can then trade those in for a nemesis cougar. Meseta comes and goes and as someone who is usually around that meseta area, know that you can make 2mil per week doing the weeklies and about 2.6 mil handing over the client orders in the café (Yerkes)

For the time being, look into doing the level 15* weapon orders at the front desk (extreme pass lady). I wouldn't bother upgrading anything below a level 12* with what is currently available and would rather save up the meseta for leveling these to max 35*

@RobedActor77417 Erick's suggestions are spot on and I just wanted to add some intermediary steps in case you can't equip a Nemesis quite yet (or need more badges).

For katana, at Lvl 60 you should be able to equip a Sigma Seigan from the Player Shop. From there I'd start working on the Saika Revolsio from the 13* Collection Folder (next to Koffie at Gate). Then I'd move on to the Nemesis Cougar from the unique weapon badge shop.

The Sigma Seigan is nice because it has a Dex requirement (assuming Dex mag) and a decent potential (crit rate and dmg up). You can also enhance/grind it to +26 without "wasting" resources, or go to +30 for a little more dmg from unlocking the Lvl 3 potentional. I say going to +26 isn't a waste because a 12* weapon at that level can fully enhance a 13* from 0 to 10 by itself. This means you can use it later to jump your Nemesis Cougar to +10 as soon as you get it.

The Saika Revolsio also has a Dex requirement and by completing the collection folder you'll get it at +30 with decent enough affixes for no meseta at all! However, I recommend completing at least 2 weapons from this Collection Folder because later it'll take 1 to instantly enhance your Nemesis Cougar from +10 to +20, and a second to take it from +20 to +30 (no additional fodder necessary).

You'll get the Nemesis Cougar from the unique weapon badge shop, but keep an eye on the Player Shop prices if you need badges for other things like your bow. You definitely want to enhance this one to +30 to max the potential (17% extra dmg) and we outlined how to do this efficiently using your old weapons.

Unfortunately, I main katana so my bow knowledge is lackluster and I can't get the Argus guide to open at the moment. So take this all with a big grain of salt but, I think the Raven Feather is preferred to the Cougar Feather because you weave in normal attacks via rapid fire for PP regen as a bowman. Either way, you get the Raven/Nemesis Feather from unique weapon badges and you'll definitely want to get it to at least +30 as it's your main weapon.

Until then, the Sigma Branch is probably a safe 12* option, though I was using the Rikauteri around your level (also from unique badge shop). The one nice thing about Sigmas and Rikky is that they're All Class bows which means you can level your other classes with it by using BR as a sub. I used the Yamigarsu (all class Katana) this way to quickly get the Lvl 75 class bonuses while running Tokyo keys. However, Rikky probably isn't optimal for a Bow main as the potential from something like Dalz Varley may be better if your skill tree is invested in Rapid Fire. The problem with Dalz is that it came from the astracite shop after beating Luther a bunch, so you'd probably have to check the Personal Shop nowadays.

The Ray Bow is also decent investment as a stopgap between your 12* and the Raven/Nemesis Feather. You can get the Ray Bow from the Rising Weapon Badge 2 (RWB2) shop and you get RWB2s by earning the seasonal weapon badge (RWB4s atm) and then exchanging them for RWB2s at the weapon badge shop (via a generous exchange rate). The reason this can be a good investment is that when you combine 6 copies of the Ray Bow from the shop you'll unlock the ability to enhance it to +35 instead of the +30 default. And at +35 weapons gain access to their SAF which you can see by clicking "Check Augment Factor" when selecting a weapon in your inventory. What's really nice is that SAFs transfer with 100% success when affixing onto the same number of slots! And the SAF for the Ray Bow is called Astral Soul which happens to be an endgame augment that gives +35 all atk, +35 HP, and +5 PP. However, unless you have tons of badges, I'd probably save this SAF for affixing onto whatever 15* weapon you decide to go for eventually.

Lastly, I just wanted to follow-up on weekly meseta farming. If you haven't yet, I'd suggest making 2 more free characters and getting them to Lvl 50 so you can do the 1M weekly quests (+ 3x the Yerkes and Bar Lodos money each week, as well as 2 more silver Tokyo keys a day + 2 more gold ones each week for leveling main char.). I know setting up new characters can be daunting, but it's much easier if you make them BR/RA as well because you can give them your old gear immediately and there's no learning curve. The intro quests (e.g. Afin, Jan, and Casino quests) + Cressida's pebble/stone quests near the bottom of her page (necessary quest materials on player shops) will get you close to Lvl 30 within an hour or so and then you can also save the EXP tickets they're giving out now to power level to 50. From there you can knock out your dailies for both extra characters in about 10min total (here's one example of a fast daily loop https://youtu.be/ss7Blh9g9LA).

@Rang-Dipkin I use Katana all lot. I use bow when I can’t reach the enemy.

@RobedActor77417 ahh, sorry about that, made the wrong inference!

I'd still recommend much the same for a katana braver:

  • Sigma: from player shop, light element with alil melee affixing if possible, enhance to at least +10 but go +30 if you think it'll be awhile before you can use/earn the next one
  • Revolsio: from collection folder at +30
  • Ray Katana: from RWB2 shop if you're short on unique weapon badges and want a boost (get it to +30...though probably wouldn't upgrade to Union with Zieg at this point)
  • Nemesis Cougar: from unique badge shop, enhance to at least +30 and unlock Lvl 3 potential

I'd skip the Yamigarsu (and Rikauteri) to save badges for Nemesis/Raven and just buy a Blade Shadow katana with Alternate History affixed to level up other classes if you eventually want their Lvl 75 class boosts.

And then for bows I'm much less certain. Personally I'd stick with a +30 Sigma until I could afford a Nemesis Feather from the badge shop (mainly for the light element) or a Raven from the Player Shop (based on my belief that the PP potential on it may suit bow rotations better). But I'd check with others and the Argus guide for optimal bow recommendations! Think this is the link although it doesn't load for me atm: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-eK8zIf8cAkaJSfwz46CDU8yZz0RvFzewFQeRtlTfAM