Another scratch, another no Cast parts

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I got sick of the absurd prices. 60m for a shirt I can get for 2m on another ship? Hard pass.

Yikes, and I thought Ship 3's market was wonky.

nah ship 4 is disgusting, if you ever do make a character don't be a CAST

@Milk said in Another scratch, another no Cast parts:

The mission pass was really good this time at least but I agree with you. I didn’t main a CAST girl from lack of parts even if I like them better. CAST race is such a unique look in an MMO, it’s a shame there isn’t more variety.

I really dislike the low quality texture and color hue change new parts have (Mission pass ones).

But even so, humanoid fleshies had new costumes on mission pass too, CAST and non-CAST are equal on MP. But only CAST lacks parts on every AC Scratch.

It's not fair.

I agree with this thread. As far as I understand, there are dozens of cast outfits that could have been released already, and some that should be re-released for people on ships 3 and 4 to obtain.