Wider variety of Urgent Quests every 2 weeks.

Can I just say I'm getting tired of seeing Yamato and Deus repeatedly, usually within the span of less than 3 hours? I get it, they're still a bit on the new side and drop items needed for Zig's exchanges but good grief is it starting to burn me out. We have Crimson Fellwyrm coming out tomorrow fortunately to spice things out but I would really prefer to see older UQS make a return to the Scheduled roster. Such as Elder, Luther andEspecially Lunar Matriach, The prices for Mother factor are becoming alarmingly high and I feel that we need a few more mother Uqs to stabilize prices. I dont think the current UQs are bad or anything like that, if anything doing them so many times has burned me out on them, I just really want to see more variety each week.

agreed I'm having the same issue with the concerts ugs i mean the songs are good but the same two ever time shesh. what i think is every the day should be set to specifically UQ example Monday chapter one ug Tuesday chapter eq Wednesday eq so on and so forth. That we get varioty but that's just my opinion i agree ug definitely need more variety.

I dont think UQs should be separated by day and chapter. Frankly I just want an additional 2 or so older UQ every patch so the scheduled lineup doesn't become too stagnant with the same 3 UQS.

i just mean soming like one day deues eska and mother another those big glem nightfall provided and imposing assault so its radmised and not the same tw o ever day its gets old fast

@OafishTooth3027 okay, slow down and proof read your messages cause I barely understood that.

@Thedovahmon the big golem nightfall providence one dont know his name. And the ship one that I've done like 100 times. They have a bunch of uq. I was saying if the randomize them each day so that each day you get 2 different ones out of the pool of the ones they have. people will have a lot more variety is that better.