My controller is suddenly not working

I've been using a controller to play, but after unplugging it and plugging it back in earlier before starting PSO2 today the game suddenly won't recognize it. I'm using a Logitech F310, and it's worked before after plugging it back in on other occasions. Windows recognizes the controller and it works with other applications, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work with PSO2.

that is probably related to the control slot that Windows uses it, when you connect a controller Windows will put it in a slot but for some games it will only work if is in the first slot, to not have to deal with that issue frequently don't connect the controller after doing login in the main user, now to fix it if you connect the controller after doing the login just do logoff of the user and login again that will reset the order of the controllers of the user

There is only one slot as far as my PC is concerned. and it quit working and will not work again.

@ZeeHero9271 said in My controller is suddenly not working:

There is only one slot as far as my PC is concerned. and it quit working and will not work again.

All Windwos 10 and now 11 PCs have 4 controller slots controlled by the system. When a controller is unplugged for even a fraction of a second and the PC no longer detects it, it moves it up a slot since it thinks it is a new controller when it re-detects it. When it reaches all 4 slots used, any time a new controller is detected it replaces Slot 4. There is no way to manually change this in Windows 10 or 11. The system also detects the keyboard or mouse as a controller in Slot 1 if the Controller isn't plugged in when you first start the computer. This is a problem that Microsoft as still yet to fix since the release of Windows 10. The only way to fix it is to return to the screen where you log into Windows, unplug and plug the controller back in, then log back into your user profile.

I'm having issues with my controller on the Steam version. It only half works. Yesterday I logged in for the first time for a few weeks into NGS with my controller just fine (Switch Pro Controller), but I tried to transfer to a PSO2 block and the controller just... didn't work. Now it's not working at all, except to allow me to skip the intro movie upon the game's startup. I also tried the controller slot method mentioned in the thread, still no luck.

I was having the same issues earlier today with my controller not working with the steam version of NGS. I've been using an Xbox One controller for the longest time and the solution I found was going into Options then Control Settings then Controller Settings where I changed the Gamepad input type from Directinput to Xinput.