How to Create Summoner/Tech build

Hey guys need help been playiong for weeks looking at every guide i can find still cant do what im looking for.

What I want to do is create a summoner as main and have teacher as sub.

I want pet for damage and stuff got that pretty much down know a little more what im doing now.

but i also really want a wand for stuff and mobs that need elemental damage. Everywhere i look they say summoner tech isn't recommended but its what i want to do. I can't find any summoner/Tech builds anywhere. If anyone has one can you please post one here?

well simply is not recommended because is your pets that will deal the damage and Techer skills don't benefit your pets that much to be worth it to use, also abandon the idea of using a wand summoners pets deal only elemental damage and because you gonna rotate then in order to use most of their potential you not gonna have a pallete to use a wand also Summoner is a tech class so it has access to all support techs so if you want to deal with enemies close to you just recall your pet for him to deal with those.

well if you still want to use Techer as subclass then use a Techer build for Force you pretty much gonna use the same stuff still it won't be as effective as using something like Fighter

Just incase your still looking for some answers.. this is a really great guide I've been going off.

su/te isent all that great.. but if your going for more of a support summoner it's okay. Basically what's happening is your grabbing the support aspect of Tech as much as you can to buff others and your pets as much as you can. But in gist. Your overall support capabilities are going down without Techer being your main. And without a high damage multiplier class your pets hit a lot lower then the norm for summoners.

So it's kinda like gimping yourself in two different ways. Less damage less support. But that dosent mean it's totally useless. You can still offer decent team support while also providing easy damage from pets. It may not be super high or ridiculous numbers. Pretty sure you can get an easy Marron rotational build going and have a Techer weapon in the very last slot if you really want. Otherwise you can still place the techs on the sub pallets and or have certain Marrons with certain techs or flat out have a Popple with very expeditious make it into a PP battery basically from autos while casting Zanverse and Magiverse for your allies.

Not the best but you can make it work. If you really want it too. However just remember there are better options out there if your maining Su ✌