UQ Schedule Google Calendar Not Working

Hey Arks! I'm having a problem with my Google Calendar. I added the OCT UQ to Google Calendar. I can see it on the desktop chrome but not on android phone and I'm not getting any notifications. Anyone else have this problem?

that is related to how Google Calendar and the gmail calendar work, phones do synchronize with the gmail calendar but for some reason Google Calendar the the gmail calendar don't synchronize with each other directly and you need to check in the e-mail to do that, also when you add a new kind of event in the Google Calendar you also need to check him out there if not he won't synchronize with other calendars

Thanks for your reply.

Notifications did work for Sept UQ schedule. The September UQ schedule still appears in my Google Calendar but October UQ schedule only appears in Chrome browser and not Google Calendar app. I added shared calendar and use pso2.schedule@gmail.com