Braver - Bow With Katana Gear


I main Bow only Braver and was wondering if there's a point getting Katana gear with the Katana Gear guard ring in my build to trigger it at the start of quests? To my Understanding it only Boost your critical rate more but With Braver combination + crit ring and some point in crit skills you already have 100% crit rate. So what's the point?

Thx =D

Later on, they will introduce an S4 ability that reduces your crit rate by 50% and increase your crit damage by 6%...

That means you need 150% crit rate to make the best of it. Only a very few classes can even do this, braver being the first one.

Braver Combination originally only worked for Bow if you switched to Bow from Katana during a released Focus state, but that is no longer the case, so for all intents and purposes, you don't need to take Katana Focus at all if you are Bow-only since Braver Combination is just a straight, unconditional +50% Crit Rate increase when it comes to Bows.

However, if you have the points, it is never a bad idea to have a Katana with the associated Skills as well just for situations where you come across Bow/Ranged resistance.

Really Informative! =D Thanks a lot ❤