where to get the Red Helios/Kranos Costumes?

I see some people running around with it, and i randomly bought the Kranos Outer piece in Red to collect SG with it. But i don't see them in the AC scratch and i'm wondering what's going on.

Edit: I see that the Male version actually does appear on the AC Scratch ticket, what about female though? i saw someone with the outer helios piece in red yesterday.

no one knows why Helios Dilua red color was cut out of the AC ticket but is possible to change the color of outerwear so that's the reason why you saw someone with Helios Dilua outerwear with red color

I believe the guy in charge of adding those things to the scratch messed up. The whole outfit is in game. It's just that it's not part of the scratch line up.

Every Scratch has been missing color variants for various outfits, likely in an effort to reduce the number of items per Scratch. One of the most egregious ones was the Shining Scratch, where there were some costumes that were only given two out of their six original color variants, and the Sonia Replica Dragon B only got its default color.