Stacking subs?

I know I wil play for along time. Can you buy the 3 month sub multiple times to get a years worth right away?

@SpookyOh Yes you buy them and they are added as tickets. You can use them whenever you want.

thanks!! @The-Question that is even better!

@SpookyOh Just to make it sure, in JP server, the maximum duration you can have for the premium subscription is 180 days. I think the chance that they change these minor points in NA will be rather low, so maybe you can't have that one year length subscription.

Of course, you can store the unusable tickets in your storage 🙂

Long as I can buy them and store them. I am happy 😃

Not to discourage you from hoarding premium tickets, but you better off keeping it at a moderate amount for now.

Sometimes, (More like quite often.) Sega will hold a discount campaign for premium tickets. That's when you want to hoard them, cause you're cheaper off buying them during such a campaign. Unless you don't care, then I said nothing.

Not to forget, buying premium tickets during these campaigns will most likely offer you extra bonuses and other stuff as a reward. (Do note, it can occur that they set a limit to just 1 buy per account. It rather depends on the campaign.)

Oh neat! thanks, I will hold off and see if NA gets those.