How I absolutely Miss Umbra Time..

I bet that many of you had something to look forward to with the Urgent quest system. It was at some point, Well thought out and scheduled accordingly. One could say that you could jump-in and maybe catch a special showing of "IT"S UMBRA TIME!" xD I absolutely loved it! and I'm pretty sure that other players did so as well.

Now, What we do we have?, Everyone in a free for all trying to get to max level in the fastest possible time and along with a mediocre schedule with so much repetition that its starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I enjoy the grind, Just as much as the next player, But at least I expected to have to Meghatsu, Luther the fallen , and even the raging obsidian arm.

That being said about 2 UQ's schedules back , which was summer, at the very end of it, There was mention that Beach wars was still part of the line-up, But never happened. Is this what he have to look forward to? A stale schedule of just One or even 2 Uq's ?? I certainly hope that they re-vamp the Uq's schedule and throw in a bit of variety that would be alot better than having to do the some ones.. over and over and over.. the entire schedules for a whole month. I think that this time around there are even LESS concerts than in previous UQ's schedules.

I also support more variety on UQs. Haven't fought luther in awhile, and raging arm was my CF expressway.

...Umbra time? Are you talking about the occasional appearances in event UQs like Gone with the Wind and Rain or (iirc) Beach Wars?

Some UQs are purposefully limited, likely to be either annual or one-offs. If they were to continue to happen unscheduled, it could be nice for the availability of weapon series that otherwise basically disappear, but at the same time it would also make them a little less special during events and make other unscheduled UQs even less common.

To my knowledge the unscheduled UQs presently on rotation are:

  • Elder
  • Mining Base 1
  • Luther
  • Magatsu
  • Mining Base 3
  • Profound Darkness
  • Mining Base 4
  • Yamato
  • Mother
  • Deus Esca

That's ten, already a sizeable pool, and we're about to get a couple more probably-permanent ones to join it. Basically it seems like they're keeping almost all the story UQs for relevance and because they're the ones that got updated drops players would still want.

It does seem we've also lost the non-event UQs that aren't so related to the story, such as Cradle of Darkness, Drawn to Darkness, that slow Daybreak one, Chrome Dragon (arguably the most story), Bar Lodos, City assault and so on. We did have a few of those recently and every time they came up people's general reaction seemed to be something between "I don't care to run this" and "Why is this still appearing?" The lack of volume and potentially valuable drops really seems to have counted against them, as does many of them essentially being a time-limited exploration or survey quest.

Still, ten isn't a bad amount. Perhaps the complaint is that more of these aren't scheduled lately? That's largely a consequence of rushing through years of content in a few months. If we don't focus the schedule on the new UQs (considering not everyone can play most hours of the day) we won't get enough runs of those in before the next new UQ takes them out of the schedule.

Personally if I had one request to make, it's that I'd still like to see Mining Base 2 and 5 happen.

I agree with you. It feels like all I do is fight that dang ship. It would be nice if every UQ was a different one so it’s not the same 2-3 all day, I’d be happy with even just doing the same 5-6 ones.

@Milk said in How I absolutely Miss Umbra Time..:

I agree with you. It feels like all I do is fight that dang ship.

That's because it's been about 2/3rds of the schedule lately. Heck knows why they did it that way instead of a more even split with Deus Esca and even Lunar Phantasm Matriarch that has yet to appear at all in October.

Here Here. So many new players are missing out on the "fun" of cradle of darknress.