Please make Nightclub Stages combine with each other.

I was working on a nightclub style personal quarters when I discovered that you cannot combine Nightclub Stages together. It would be a very big improvement, because if you place them separately they really don't look cool. I'm not sure if it is the correct place to ask, but I think it is worth a try. Thank you.

@GachiMaru This is indeed the correct place to ask.

The issue stems from furniture placement having restrictions on spacing. It would be nice if later down the road, the developers could find a workaround to allow certain furniture, if not all, to sit closer to other furniture, or combine, as the current spacing doesn't allow the best usage of space in the player home/ rooms to begin with. Stages included. Plus one for this idea of yours.

Not only nightclub stages but everything should have a better placement system. It's so jarring having some furnitures so far away from each other

Furnishing should not grid based honestly. More than once I find my OCD kicking in cause 2 sets of furnishing dont align well at all. Elder scrolls online, imho, still has the best furnishing system just because of how much freedom you can have and I really wish MMOs would take more notes from it.

You can't even put something on a wall behind another piece of furniture.