NP1013 Error after approximately 60 seconds into the game

Gave up on getting this to work a few months back in Win10/Dell Desktop.

Downloaded the Steam version, and I’m able to login and perform some actions, but after approx. 1 minutes the NP1013 error pops up. This is the furthest I’ve gotten to get this working.

This happens on several versions of Windows 10 I have. Dell desktop, Mac running Win 10 In VM Ware/Parallels and Windows 10 running native via Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. All completely different machines.

This is clearly an issue with the application/game.

On the MBP, I’m running a Radeon card and I have disabled overlays ATI, Steam, and all windows Security. Beyond idiotic you have to do all this just to get an attempt to play one game.

Anyone seen this issue?

If you haven't tried already, try using the PSO2 Tweaker NA version from Arks-Layer. You should be able to oset it to use your current install of the game. When that is done, use the troubleshooting options in there and try again. If a problem still occurs, you have an incompatble program running in the background, like certain Anti-Virus programs, network traffic limiters, etc.

@Ragnawind Thanks.

I tried the Tweaker and no good. This is a plain vanilla install of Windows 10, with no additional software other than the Bootcamp drivers for Windows. I disabled all security and overlays, and after being able to just get to my room, the error pops up. Any logs I can look at?

It’s really pathetic what users have to go through to play this on PC. Hopefully they fix this stupidity in NG.

Normally, GameGuard should leave a log when a problem occurs, but I'm not sure where it is stored. You can also check the Event Viewer and it might have its own log of the issue in there.

The GameGuard log files are "ERL" Files. They're located in pso2_bin\GameGuard

Still haven’t gotten this to work. The Game Gaurd logs are useless. What an absolute POS this game software is. No wonder Sega gets laughed at and almost went out of business. They truly deserve it.