Cant Buy AC, An unexpected error occurred while authorizing your transaction. Please try again.

Please help on this issue, i already waited for a week but still like this, i cant buy AC because this error. 6e7dbc29-4215-4461-bbf8-3c137adc45c4-image.png


Its quite funny case for me, feel like i want to give money and support the game, but the notification said OOPS, SORRY! we dont need your money. this is important case, please help. Unless u really dont want my money, i can only wait for 7 days before i change my mind and become free player, Payless do grind more.

well many thanks.

This seems like it might be Steam related rather than directly PSO2 related. Have you tried to contact Steam Support about this? Can you make any other purchases on Steam right now?

i bought shadow of war 2 week ago, i think this is what u mean right? 0951f416-22d9-4c5b-9f65-ac6ea53ec7af-image.png the error still there, but i made it somehow.. meh i bought more than i want thanks for replay anyway

@Poor-Player If you don't mind can I ask how much AC you bought? and are you from Indonesia or SEA by any chance?