Having problems decideing what to use in weapon pallet

I have all the PA's for this class but having a hard time deciding which others to use i the chorno and true are my goto PA si those are always there but not sure on what else to use.

You should use what you're comfortable with, rather than trying to use everything available. This is a game after all, and you should enjoy it to its fullest.

My set up for sub pallette is. Trimate,anti, moon, magblast, triboost, 250 loot, dark blast, deband, have resta and shifta as my 3rd attack on weapon. But you kinda wanna put things where you feel comfortable.

I suggest doubling or even tripling up on weapon pallets. With only one primary weapon Gunners can do this easily. I have one Pallet for single targets and one for mobbing. Using the loadouts at the class counter you can even get more specific. I've considered building sets of pallets for different UQs.