PP Consolidation, Streamlining and Overhaul

It's no secret that fair few classes suffer from PP issues, some more than others. They should just keep PP as 100 (adding a % to it rather than it showing as 100 / 100) and just have passives for specific classes that reduce PP consumption instead. (Class boosts that previously added PP would instead reduce PP cost by 0.5-1%. Or increase PP Regen by 1% every second. This would be additive, meaning if you have 0 PP Regen, it would increase to 1% Regen rather than it taking 1% of 0.)

This is technically what FFXIV did with MP actually. They changed all of their jobs/classes to have 10000 MP (and on the party dialogue the MP shows as 100oo. Like a Percentage.) The developers of FFXIV stated that MP always was a percentage of cost as it was, even with the old MP amounts. So they just consolidated it for ease of balance/etc. Nothing increases MP maximum anymore, and the healer PIE stat now increases MP Regen instead.

it would help players a lot to have this streamlined so they can enjoy each class more than ever.


You haven't played the original version of the game, have you?

We're PP energy gods right now.

Disagree, it was fine in FFXIV as everyone has about the same amount of MP, and people stacking high piety to get MP higher only allowed them to cast 1 extra spell - and even that customization is now taken away.

PP difference is much more noticeable in PSO2, even phantom and some S-class abilities are based off PP. You can clearly feel the difference between 200 and 100 PP, we need more customization not less.

FFXIV not only dumbed down MP but also get rid of TP because people cant be bothered with MP/TP management.

Maximum is very important in pso2, because in this game you stop regening when you use a PA or are charging Tech. You do not regen during these points, while I believe ff did allow for regen here. This decision makes pso2's pp not a percentage based system, so it isn't similar to FF in this regard.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't played ff in a long time.